How to Log Out of Amazon App: Step by Step

log out of amazon app

The Amazon app is helpful for shopping, reading e-books, playing games, listening to music, and more. Only by using your mobile device, you can place orders on it and the process is quite smooth. When you log in to your Amazon account, it’s possible that other family members who have an access to your mobile device may place an order for them. In such a case it’s necessary that you log out of your account just to avoid confusion later on.

Getting logged out of an Amazon account is as simple as we perform login action on other websites or mobile phones. Since logging into an Amazon account requires multiple steps so the same goes for the log-out action. That means there are different steps you need to follow to log out of your account since Amazon has not made this log-out process obvious

Why is the Log Out Option Not Visible on Amazon?

Some users complain that the logout option is not present in their Amazon app and doubt that this is due to the older version of this app. That has been said earlier that the logout process is not obvious on the Amazon app since it involves multiple clicks to make it visible. Regardless of the version you are using, the logout option is available in your app. So, you just need to go through multiple options to make the option visible to you.

How to Log Out on Mobile

Do you need to use a different account on the Amazon app or account? If this is what you need to know, then you can surely do it since the Amazon app allows you to log out of one Amazon account and log in to another account. Here are the simple steps which can help you to log out of your account

Step 1: Navigate to Amazon app on your mobile device

Step 2: On the bottom right side, you will see a menu option (3 horizontal lines). Click on it

Step 3: Open the settings page which will show many options. Scroll down to the bottom section and click on the “settings” option

Step 4: After the settings option is expanded, you will see the “Sign out” option right at the end

Step 5: Simply click on it

How to Log Out on an iPhone

Keep the note of the following fact that the log-out process of the Amazon app is similar for both iOS and Android-powered devices. You can follow the same steps to sign out of your account on your smartphone

Step 1: Open your Amazon app on your iPhone and click on the menu bar (3 horizontal lines) on the left side

Step 2: Select the “settings” option and you will see a sign-out option at the bottom of settings. Just click on it and the sign out process will complete

How to Logout on the Website

Some people prefer using Amazon on their computers/laptops for different reasons. So, if you are among those users then here is a quick guide for you on how to log out of your account on the website

1: Navigate to the Amazon website on your computer

2: Hover your mouse on the top left option of “Account and lists”

3: You will see a sign-out option at the bottom right corner. Click on it. Boom! You did it.

Log Out of the Amazon App from All Devices

Now it is extremely feasible to log out of your account across all devices. In this way, you can cut off the access of your account on all the devices where it is logged in. Those devices include your computer, tablet, and mobile phone in case you have linked them all with your Amazon account.

1: First of all, start by clicking on the account option which is available in the right corner above all other options including settings and Help & Contact Us

2: Scroll the page to the bottom to select “Your account”

3: Now click on the “Manage Account” just below the shipping options

4: Next press “sign out of all other devices” on the top side. Simply click here. Once you click on it, your Amazon account will be logged out from other devices

No matter which device you are using, the log-out option will only be visible when you go through multiple options. We hope this guide has helped you to log out of your account on the Amazon app in an easy way.

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