Ignoring Irrelevant News with inkl

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The volume of available news that readers are exposed to on a daily basis continues to increase substantially, making it difficult to keep up with current events. From financial, to political, to even celebrity news, current methods of aggregating news sources fails to tailor content to the preferences of its reader, making it difficult to find desired stories.

Through eliminating the massive inflow of news to form a more curated reading list, inkl is a free app on the App Store which helps users stay updated with content that they are most interested in without the noise of irrelevant articles.

Developed by inkl Pty. Ltd, inkl keeps users up-to-date with what is important to them, be it news on sports to politics and any subject in between. As opposed to being bombarded with articles which are of no interest to the reader, inkl has partnered with only the most reliable sources that provide quality pieces and offers multiple perspectives on the same event to give readers deeper insights on an issue as opposed to single-sided arguments. Instead of being exposed to solely the content which new sites intend the reader to see, the content is curated by the most professional editors to select stories which are considered to be high quality and relevant.  Through this personal approach to selecting news, inkl is able to offers a wider and more reliable view of the current events than any other available source.

Filtering out news stories that are considered to be celebrity gossip, clickbait, and other distractions, the app eliminates the stigma of news as being boring through a unique interface that houses clear pictures of all the events. Upon opening inkl, users are taken to a beautifully designed home page where they are able to access the settings option to filter news categories which they wish to receive. With an interface that boasts simplicity through a basic colour scheme, an emphasizes is put on the images and users are quickly drawn to choose articles from Lead Stories, Top Picks, and many more subsections. While other apps also attempt to help its users stay updated, ads are still prominent and content is not fully tailored to the needs of the reader. Boasting no ads, users can filter out stories that matter to them and even search through older news by keywords to retrieve relevant stories.


While similar in nature to Flipboard, a news apps which enables readers to select the type of news they want to read, inkl differentiates itself by including only highly professional sources as opposed to more informal news sites such as social networks and photo sharing sites. Bordering on over-simplistic, inkl houses a classic reader experience that requires users to scrolling down a single page as a way to continue reading. This is unmatched by the more interactive methods employed by Flipboard which has readers “flipping” pages in various directions to get to newer pages and viewing more than a single image per story. Despite the less interactive characteristics when compared to rival news aggregators like Flipboard, inkl targets more serious news readers who find the additional interactions and images as a non-essential to their news consumption.

As the ever-increasing volume of online news content continues to grow, instant access to what matters has never been more difficult. Filtering only the stories that readers are interested in, inkl makes reading the news convenient through utilizing only trusted news sources without the flood of ads. With features such as the ability to search, save, and filter curated articles, users are given the ability to receive only the news that they find valuable. A must-have for all news lovers, inkl makes keeping up with current events more personalized compared to other news sources.

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