iMessage and More on PC: Windows 11 Phone Link for iOS Is Now Available

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In a significant move, Microsoft announced a phone link will be available for iOS users. Using this feature, iPhone users can seamlessly make and receive phone calls, send, and receive messages using iMessage. They can also get hold of their contacts, and receive phone notifications directly on their Windows PC. Previously, Phone Link was exclusive to Android phones, but now iPhone users can also benefit from this integration.

Windows 11 Phone Link For iOS

Microsoft acknowledges that it may take a few weeks for all customers to receive the update. This development comes as part of Microsoft’s continuous efforts to bridge the gap between different devices and provide a cohesive experience for users across platforms. As of now, the update is launching in 39 languages to assist the users.

However, it does have some limitations. For instance, it does not allow group message replies or the ability to send images and videos.

On top of this, users will only get the notification once their PC is connected to the internet.

The Windows notifications feature ensures that notifications are effortlessly delivered to the PC, enabling users to conveniently check, pin, and dismiss them directly from the Windows interface. Nevertheless, there is room for improvement, and we can anticipate future updates that will address any existing limitations.

How does Windows 11 phone link for ios work?

Setting up Phone Link is a simple and easy process. Users are provided with step-by-step instructions to pair their iPhone with their Windows 11 PC using Bluetooth. To use Phone Link with iOS, users need an iPhone running on iOS 14 or a newer version, a Windows 11 device, a reliable Bluetooth connection, and the latest version of the Phone Link app. However, it’s worth mentioning that Phone Link does not currently support iPad (iPadOS) or MacOS.

The integration of Phone Link for iOS with Windows 11 marks a significant milestone in Microsoft’s pursuit of creating a seamless ecosystem that connects various devices. By enabling iPhone users to access iMessage and other essential functionalities on their Windows PCs, Microsoft is empowering individuals to work and communicate more efficiently across different platforms.

This development is particularly noteworthy for users who rely heavily on iMessage for their messaging needs. By bringing iMessage to Windows 11, Microsoft is bridging the gap between Apple’s ecosystem and its own. Fostering greater interoperability and convenience for users. Now, iPhone users can conveniently send and receive iMessages without having to reach for their phones, streamlining their workflow and enhancing productivity.

The limitations of Windows 11 phone link for ios

While Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 offers a promising integration, it is important to be aware of its limitations. The inability to reply to group messages or send images and videos may pose a hindrance for some users who heavily rely on these features. However, Microsoft’s commitment to continually improving its offerings suggests that these limitations may be addressed in future updates, providing a more comprehensive experience for iPhone users.

Why is it useful for users IOS users?

iOS users can benefit from Phone Link on Windows 11 in several ways.

Seamless communication

Phone Link enables seamless communication for iOS users. With this feature, they can make and receive phone calls directly on their Windows PC. This functionality ensures that users can stay connected even when their iPhone is not within immediate reach. It is especially convenient for individuals who spend a significant amount of time working or studying on a Windows PC. As they can handle calls without interrupting their workflow or needing to switch between devices.

Ease of access

Secondly, Phone Link brings integration with iMessage, a popular messaging service exclusive to iOS devices. With Phone Link on Windows 11, iOS users can access and send iMessages directly from their Windows PC. This integration eliminates the need to constantly switch between devices when communicating with friends, family, or colleagues who use iMessage. Users can conveniently view and respond to iMessages, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient messaging experience.

Allows access to contacts

Furthermore, Phone Link allows iOS users to access their contacts directly on their Windows PC. This feature eliminates the need to manually transfer or duplicate contacts between devices. By seamlessly syncing contacts between their iPhone and Windows PC, iOS users can easily access and manage their contact list, saving time and effort.


The availability of Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 reinforces Microsoft’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and interconnected digital ecosystem. By breaking down barriers between different platforms, Microsoft is empowering users to choose devices based on their preferences while ensuring seamless integration and compatibility across ecosystems. IOS users don’t need to buy a MacBook to create a gateway now. They can do it from their windows laptop easily.

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