iMurmur App key for med students

This app for the iPhone might make studying for medical school exams a bit more enjoyable and maybe even save a few lives. For everyone else, it's less relevant than most medical-based iMurmur app, released by Phalanx Development in July, is designed to teach medical students how to recognize and diagnose heart murmurs.

Through the iMurmur, students learn the sounds of various heart murmurs and can take quizzes to test their knowledge. A custom quiz gives students the option of identifying specific murmurs with which to test themselves.

The heart murmurs are listed in order of clinical relevance, emphasizing the sounds that doctors will hear most often. Aside from the sound and visual diagram of each murmur, students can tap the “detail” link and read more about its clinical characteristics, what generates each murmur’s sound, its pathology and how to treat it.

The iMurmur app is highly rated in the medical category of the iTunes App Store by reviewers who are mostly medical professors and students who have a stake in learning about heart murmurs.

For the rest of us, who can’t tell an aortic stenosis from a tricuspid regurgitation and who don’t really care about the difference, the iMurmur is not worth the $0.99 it costs to download.

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