In the Heights: Why you should stick around for the post-credit scene

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‘You won’t regret it,’ tweeted the film’s director Jon M Chu

In The Heights: Event Of The Summer

“Pro tip: stay past the end credits … you won’t regret it,” tweeted director Jon M Chu about his just-released big-screen adaptation of Lin-​Manuel Miranda’s musical In the Heights.

Audiences, who love a good Easter egg, are in full agreement, if social media buzz is any indication.

“Just saying thank you. For the post credit scene. For the Doreen mural. For centering to dignity, joy & beauty of my people. We could not have been in better hands,” wrote a user in response.

So, what about the post-credits scene has people talking? (Warning: Spoilers imminent.)

Well, if you watch past the In the Heights credits, you'll be treated to a bonus musical number featuring a Hamilton reunion between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Christopher Jackson, who played President George Washington.

Here, Miranda plays a piragüero truck driver who had been frustrated at the competition from a Mr Softee truck. But when the Mr Softee truck breaks down, all of the children in Washington Heights run back to get some delicious shaved ice, leading to a song, “Piragua (Reprise)”, sung by Miranda.

Fans of In The Heights will enjoy the inclusion of “Piragua (Reprise)”, which was featured in the original stage production, but didn’t make it into the movie’s main cut (until the post-credits sequence, that is).

Likewise, Jackson and Miranda get to be onscreen together, which is not only a fun call back to Hamilton, but a callback to the original In the Heights Broadway production, where Jackson portrayed Benny (played by Corey Hawkins in the film adaptation).

In the Heights is currently playing in theatres and streaming on HBO Max in the US. It arrives in theaters on 18 June in the UK.

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