iPhone App Video Review: Snapguide

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Snapguide is a nifty new app from developer Heavy Bits. It aims to create a community of do-it-yourselfers who can easily view, create, and share step by step guides for any and every kind of task. It has a certain elegance and charm to it, plus the  stylish and easy to use interface is very well done.

Once you open the app, you’ll see all the currently featured guides. You can view any of the guides easily, but if you want to favorite or comment on them, you’ll have to create an account, though it’s easy to link the app to your email, Facebook, and Twitter. The guides are set up in a very intuitive way. Easily swipe through step by step directions, usually accompanied by pictures or even video demonstrations. The supplies list is easily accessed from a tab on the bottom of the screen. You can also follow or even message specific guide authors. Of course, you can search for specific guides, or just view popular and recently posted guides.

It’s the wide range of guides that gives this app that extra charm. You can find everything, from complex chicken recipes, bike fixing jobs, and easily homemade beef jerky to how to draw simple objects or how to fry a single egg. It’s easy for people to post pointless joke guides as well, but it’s just as easy to ignore them. Making a guide yourself is simple, but not necessarily easy. Taking good pictures and video or typing everything out on a touch keyboard can be quite the feat for some people. Still they make it as streamlined and accessible as possible, giving you hints and embedding every feature you’ll need directly into the app. You can also view any guides on the Snapguide website if you want, but you can’t create them there. As the user-base grows, so will the variety of guides available, and it’s sure to reach epic proportions. It pretty much has already. Since the app is completely free, you should definitely check this one out.

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