iPhone Apps for Auto Repairs & Accidents

RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert

Find a quote on a repair, search for a mechanic in the area, and locate the nearest tow truck service.


Help I Crashed My Car

HICMC helps you find everything you might need after an accident: police, ambulance, hospital, insurance company, towing, rental car and body shops. It also helps you get in contact with important family members or friends, as well as fill out the accident report (takes photos and sends them to insurance agent.)



For DIYers, this app will teach you how to check or repair certain parts of your vehicle and perform the necessary maintenance. It includes videos on checking your oil, checking belts and tires, replacing fuses, jump starting the engine, etc.


ExpertVideo: Car Repair Basics

Car Repair Basics – This apps goes a bit further and offers videos on changing a flat tire, replacing wheel bearings, bleeding brakes, battery fluid leaks, and more.



Access free auto repair guide, create shopping lists, locate nearby stores, check pricing and availability, and track your rewards.


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