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If you’re excited to get your hands on the upcoming Steve Jobs action figure you might be waiting an awful long time. It seems Apple is attempting to block the sale of the toy Jobs. But while you’re waiting for the figure to release, you could take your spare time and start appraising your current toy collection with a few apps that will make the job easier.

If Star Wars figures are your main passion, the SW Action Figure Collector’s Guide ($0.99) should come in handy when assessing your favorite Star Wars collectables. The app includes listings for vintage Star Wars action figures (meaning figures covering the original trilogy plus an Ewoks and Droids series). You can also see lists of figure variations as well as the numerous accessories that come with the figures.

Maybe your interest in action figures goes beyond Star Wars. If so, take a look at Action Figure Collector (free), an app where you can search a database of over 40,000 action figures. You can note which figures are already in your collection and which you’re still trying to track down. If you’re in the market to buy or sell, the app also comes with access to an online values guide so you’ll be sure not to get ripped off in future transactions.

Maybe your love of collectables encompasses a wide variety of objects, from wine to coins, or from snow globes to comic books, and you want a way to catalogue and sort them. The free Collectors app should do the trick. Collectors lets you use barcode scanning, database search and manual barcode entry to list all of your valuable collectibles under one app. You can even note if you’ve loaned something out to a friend so you don’t forget.

If you’re a classic video game collector who wants something more specific to your hobby, the SNES Collector ($3.99) and NES Collector ($3.99) are tailor-made for your old school gaming collection obsession. Both apps list how valuable and rare each game ever released for the system is, and you can keep track of all the games in your collection to watch their value rise or lower before your eyes. Users can also keep notes, so if you’re missing instructions for a game, you’ll be able to note that without going back and checking the game box later if you decide to sell the title.

If your hobby is strictly DVDs, there’s an app for you, too. DVDLister ($4.99) lets you quickly list every DVD you own. Once your DVDs are loaded, you can sort them alphabetically, by actor, date, genre or even studio. You can also email the list of your collection to your friends to contrast and compare. Essentially, DVDLister lets you keep every detail of your film collection in your iPhone at all times.

Unless your hobby is collecting Steve Jobs action figures, there’s an app to help you catalog and backup your collection no matter how specific it is. Now, if only there was an app that helped you keep track of all the collection apps you own… Whoa.

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