Kick off your Sunday shoes with these Footloose iPhone apps

Remember the 80s movie “Footloose?” It’s one of those films where it feels like the plot was secondary to the desire to make a film about dancing, to tell an amazing love story, and to put together a memorable soundtrack. Do they even make songs as good as Kenny Loggins’ title track, “Footloose,” and Deniece Williams’ “Let’s Hear it For the Boy,” anymore?

You may already be aware that Paramount Pictures has decided to remake the 1984 hit; the film is still currently in the works and is scheduled to come out in 2011. The basic premise will stay the same—a city boy, Ren (played by Kevin Bacon in the original, and now Thomas Dekker in the upcoming film), moves to a country town and shakes things up with his moves while simultaneously falling for the preacher’s daughter, Ariel (Lori Singer/Julianne Hough). The new Footloose is being directed by Craig Brewer. Get psyched for the film by checking out these apps below.

Guide to the Studios at Paramount

Step inside the virtual world of Paramount Pictures with the free Guide to the Studios at Paramount app. Click on the lot map for an interactive map of the PP lot, or try info for a directory of contacts. Choose from amenities, special events, post production services, and more. This app lists the location and phone number of each, and offers to show you where they land on the map, as well.

All About Sarah Jessica Parker

In the original Footloose, Sarah Jessica Parker plays Ariel’s friend Rusty; it was one of the first films she was ever in. With the 99-cent All About Sarah Jessica Parker app, verse yourself in everything SJP that came before and after Footloose via major search engines. Read about her on Wikipedia, watch videos of her on YouTube, and check out amazing pics of her and Robert Downey Jr. from the 80s on Picasa. (You can also view pictures from other eras on Google Images and Flickr.)

1980’s Movie Almanac

Read about your favorite films from the 80s in the 99-cent 1980’s Movie Almanac app, “Footloose” included. Each listing includes a brief summary of the movie’s plot. Maybe you missed Footloose the first time, or you only vaguely remember the names of the actors, characters and what the film was actually about. Read about other classic films that were made in 1984, such as “Sixteen Candles”A Nightmare on Elm Street,” and “The Karate Kid.”


Six Degrees of Hollywood spawned from the trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (based on the idea that any actor or actress can be linked to Kevin Bacon within six steps). Play a solo game or challenge a friend to test your movie knowledge with the free 6DOH app. Start with one actor or actress, select which movie they were in from the given choices, and then who they were in that movie with, and on and on. Choose between fan, buff, or mogul to determine the difficulty level of the game you play.


The free Movies app is your everything guide to movies. Find out what’s playing at the box office, at which theatres and at what times; see what’s coming out on DVD on what date; and learn about upcoming films. Here’s where “Footloose” fits in. Read about the cast, the projected release date, and view photos. Also, check out user reviews and comments here, plus connect to movie sites like Flixster, Rotten Tomatoes, and Bing here. Keep a lookout for even more “Footloose” info closer to the release date.

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