Serious Play to Jumpstart Business Development

LEGO Serious Play or LSP is a unique and effective technique to tackle complicated challenges and jumpstart stalled business development.

LEGO Serious Play or LSP is a unique and effective technique to tackle complicated challenges and jumpstart stalled business development.

According to research, we convey our thoughts and ideas more clearly when we utilize our hands in strategic or creative activity. This makes our ideas easier to comprehend and remember. This results in a more effective debate, more realizations, and a better outcome. Creativity and inventiveness increase with the use of the LSP technique.

What is it and how does it work?

LSP has been compared to more standardized and one-dimensional methods. However, the dynamic models utilized in LEGO Serious Play are able to capture and express extraordinary amounts of knowledge. As a result, you’ll be able to build socially constructive knowledge systems. These systems will help you and those around you become more successful right now.

LSP is a scientifically sound strategy. Its creators are management academics Johan S. Roos and Bart Victor in the 1990s. LSP makes use of the LEGO brick’s versatility. As a result, the use of the LEGO parts creates three-dimensional representations of business concerns and challenges. LSP improves mutual understanding through narratives and structures. Therefore, it makes it easy to play out different scenarios and evaluate different options.

The goal of LSP is to help leaders establish more innovative strategies. In addition, it aims at building strong teams and dealing with difficult situations in more inventive and successful ways. You may develop your creative and imaginative abilities by “thinking with your hands” through serious play with LEGO bricks.

Today, LEGO Serious Play is the only LEGO Group-approved community-based business model based on LEGO materials.

What is the appeal of LEGO?

Through creativity and dialogue, LSP is a process tool. It fosters involvement and energy in innovative processes. Realistic settings that represent obstacles and opportunities are built using three-dimensional LEGO models. This gives you a whole new perspective on your business and the world around you.

You can put your situation to the test and provide valuable solutions that can be applied right now. Simultaneously, the process will stimulate knowledge exchange. In addition, it builds engagement and inspiration. This enhances your team‘s ability to do new projects together.

The complexity of the situation is minimized in this process. In addition, useful information is provided. Furthermore, the difficulties are “brought to the table” via LEGO models. Therefore, they are more concrete, constructive, and simpler to work with. In this way, LSP makes it easier and more constructive to deal with the obstacles that organizations face.

LSP also allows you to be fully engaged in a state of energized focus and full involvement. Additionally, it allows you to delight in the development process, to be in “flow.” This dramatically improves both the effectiveness and pleasure of the process. Furthermore, whether there are four or 500 participants, the LSP tool is relevant, engaging, and effective.

What is the mechanism behind LSP?

LSP is much more than just a bunch of LEGO bricks and some games. The theoretical foundation for LSP is vast and well-founded. The methodology is based on theoretical concepts, models, and methods. These have come from the domains of behavioral science, systems theory, and learning theories.

LSP can help participants perceive difficulties in new ways. In addition, it can help them acquire whole new knowledge of their challenges and opportunities coupled with skilled facilitation. In most LSP processes, the steps are as follows:

  1. Pose a question.
  2. Make a LEGO creation and give it significance.
  3. Tell a story about the LEGO model and share it with others.
  4. Pose more questions and consider your answers.
  5. Take notes on what you learned and what you should do next.

It makes no difference whether the participants are LEGO builders or not. The LEGO bricks are only a means. They are real drivers of an open, unprejudiced, and responsible discussion. Likewise, they foster metaphorical thinking, communicating via objects, and story sharing. As a result, new and innovative solutions to your company’s, organization’s, or team’s problems emerge.

Who uses LEGO Serious Play?

We’ve all been to boring and ineffective seminars, retreats, and away days. We’ve seen how only a tiny percentage of attendees actively participate in the process.

LSP is a method of activating and engaging people in interesting and effective processes. In these processes, all participants contribute to and take ownership of the outcome. All of the participants use their hands to make models, develop metaphors, and tell stories.

This innovative approach fosters shared knowledge and develops deep and effective understanding. This, in turn, serves as the foundation for novel solutions to problems.

LSP engages everyone, regardless of their educational level or experience. This makes it useful for leadership teams, departments, employee groups, boards, and other organizations.

Effective Use of the LSP Tool

During the previous decade, Inthrface has conducted over 1000 LSP workshops around the world. This has allowed access to a wide range of development processes. The LSP tool is a very effective tool. Use it for conducting creative, dynamic, and productive development processes in your business or corporation.

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