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With so many different things going on in our lives it’s easy to forget even the simplest of things. When you’re at home studying or working, your mind can be so bombarded with whatever it is you’re focusing on that remembering to put the kitchen timer on for dinner takes a back seat, or turning the lights off when no one else is in the room. It’s moments like these when Stringify tries to take the responsibility away from you, and make your day to day business as simple as the touch of a button.

Essentially Stringify is an organiser app. Within it you can construct a series of flows which you think would make your life easier. Need to know what the weather looks like today? Add its weather feature as a flow. Would it make it easier to know how long your commute will take? Stringify will check the traffic for you. It can even turn your home’s lights on as soon as it gets to a certain darkness outside. None of these features are a requirement, but instead you tailor your app to your own experiences and needs. You can even create your own scenarios using a simple ‘if ‘something’ then ‘something’’ example. The app does whatever you want it to do, making your life as easy as it can be.

To access all of Stringify’s features there are of course some requirements. For example, for it to turn lights on and off, access your fan to cool you down on a hot day, or set kitchen timers, you need to have a smart home. Stringify also supports Wink, Insteon and Harmony Hubs in addition to SmartThings. But even without a smart home, Stringify can still perform a multitude of different activities for you, from reminding you of your anniversary to planning your weekend around close-by activities. The essential point is that this takes place all within one app, saving you from having to purchase, install, and open different ones.


The app isn’t just curated to homeowners either, but caters to a variety of different interests. The gaming section can notify you when a friend is online, or provide you with general news. Entertainment can recommend you movies, or act as a music player. You can even buy your shopping through Stringify. There are few uses that it doesn’t have, making the unique Flow possibilities almost endless.

With Stringify recommending so many social activities, it’s no surprise that the app interconnects members. If your family or friends have the app, you’re able to communicate with them, sharing either your experiences or future plans. Whilst instant messaging apps allow you to contact others and make plans, through Stringify you’re able to send each other weather reports, activities to do in certain areas, or the best films to watch at that time, all in one place. It’s an app that doesn’t just make life easier on a personal level, but a social one also.

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