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In Modern times, experts have developed many elegant applications due to the advancement of technology. There was a time when you could only see analog televisions. But, due to the advent of technology, you were lucky to get apt televisions. Smart televisions have internet access and social media access with many other distinct features. Some apps like LG TV remote app are very helpful to make things smarter.

Simultaneously, this is the present era of technology which has given you applications for use on your android or windows phones. With the advancement of time, applications have become an integral part of everyone’s life. In that context, you can get to learn about TV Remote Applications. These TV remote applications are a suitable replacement for traditional TV remotes.

As a human being, you are prone to displacing things. You might dislocate and lose your remote at crucial times. Someone might even break the remote. At those moments, having an intelligent and workable LG TV remote app helps you out significantly.

Full Review of LG TV Remote App

The LG TV Remote Applications work just like a real TV remote. You can control your particular smart TV at any time and any place. The best thing about having a TV remote app is the place. If you are traveling and living in new locations & hotels, you will get the urge to watch television for curing your boredom. But, it is a hassle to search for and keep the actual TV remote in front of our eyes. The LG TV Remote App gives us a virtual TV remote that looks just like a real remote. Also, this virtual remote has all the buttons of the actual TV remote with all its functions.


A smart virtual LG TV Remote App has all the good features of a typical smart TV remote. The features include video screening, a sleep timer, an inbuilt media player, Control of TV using voice commands, and linking to online media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. There are several modes present in the virtual and real remote. Those distinct modes include WiFi form, Infrared IR blaster mode, and more. Furthermore, on the topic of the advantages of using an App as a replacement for a remote, you can utilize the side buttons of the phone to control the volume of the TV or Media content.

You can further realize the advantages of using a virtual smart TV Remote App. One of those advantages is that you won’t have any costs related to this virtual remote app. The real-life TV remotes will need at least two to three AA or AAA batteries for the remote to work. Those batteries don’t even have much longevity. You might need to change those batteries every month or two.

In addition, you might damage the actual TV remote while doing your work. If that happens, you will need to repair it. That action will cost you a significant amount of money. But, for a virtual smart TV remote, you will not have such costs which are a great deal in themselves. And the app doesn’t require money for purchase and installation.

Additional Pros

Another best thing about LG TV Remote Apps is that the phone you use can utilize the keyboard for typing and searching on the smart TV. The smart TV Remote can comfortably write in the search bar of the smart TV, but it is a big hassle to push all the buttons for typing a simple word or sentence. The TV Remote App is a good & easy alternative for this distinct situation.

An additional particular circumstance to keep in mind is that you might see that overuse of your actual remote will tend to damage the buttons and make those buttons lose or not work entirely. The LG Smart Remote App will not have this problem.


The negative part of the LG TV remote app is that it has no mute button. You all know how important the mute button is when you need to mute your TV in some particular situations. However, other than this, there are no specific negative things about the TV remote app.

LG TV Remote App Connection with Your Phone

Before using the LG TV Remote App, first, you need to possess an apt TV. You will need to have an active data connection between the phone and TV for making the connection with smart TV with the smart TV remote app. The TV and Phone need to be on the same network for establishing a connection between them. Then, you need to install the app on your tablet or android. After the installation, you will need to open the app. In that time, you will be able to see prompts telling you to choose a particular type of device. After selecting the relevant device and some other simple steps, you can start using the app to control your smart TV.

Similar Remote Apps

You can find popular good quality tv remote apps like LG TV Remote App. Those apps include Google Home, Samsung TV remote app, SURE Universal TV Remote, etc. You can download those apps easily from the google play store or the app from the internet platform. You should keep in mind to download and use the latest version of the app for being able to control any modern and old smart televisions.

So, you can feel the logical attraction for using the TV remote app. After using the app for yourself, you might find yourself not using an actual remote in the future to come. With this app, you are set for a great viewing experience.

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