Listonic: a smart shopping list app that seeks to make the entire experience of going shopping that much easier

Maybe it is on paper and pen, or perhaps it’s on the notepad section of your mobile phone; regardless, we all are used to writing “eggs, bread and milk” in some way or another and likely struggling with the impracticalities of it.

Listonic exists to try and make the whole thing just a bit more pleasant.

With Listonic, you input what items you are looking for on your grocery shopping trip into a convenient list, which allows you to either tap the small tick box next to the item when you have found it, or simply swipe along the name of the item.

Now, this might seem like something that all list apps do, or even just the basic notepad on your phone. However, Listonic is a bit more special, as it also remembers what you frequently put on your shopping lists, allowing you to automatically generate your own filler shopping list that contains your most frequently bought items.

This means that Listonic is not only a convenient app to have when shopping, but it also helps you get ready for future shops as well.

You can sync up your shopping lists with another device, helping to avoid that dreadful irritation of going shopping with your significant other or larger family and roam around the store separately, each of you picking up multiples of the same item. Once your list is synced with your partner’s device, you can tick off options in real time and make it so much easier to shop without having to make that sad, forlorn trip back to the onion section to return the literal bushel of onions you both managed to pick up.

You can also make a spending guide in your list that details how much each product costs, making it a lot easier to know when you are beginning to approach being over budget.

Finally, if you are being indecisive for what kind of items you should add to your shopping list, Listonic actually provides you with a suggestion of products based on your previous shopping lists.

For those that struggle to have an intelligent, carefully planned out grocery shopping trip, Listonic is an absolute life-saver. It not only makes the entire experience less dreadful, but it also ensures you don’t wind up spending too much money.

Make sure to visit their website for the complete list of features, so you know exactly what you can do with this convenient app.

Listonic – shopping list app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

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