Love your dog? You’ll love these apps

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As man’s best friend dogs deserve their own array of apps, to keep them healthy and happy and you might be surprised to learn that there is a wide choice of apps to help you improve all areas of your dog’s life. You can consult a vet, book a dog walker and even keep a doggy diary all from your phone.

Training and pet care can be very daunting tasks, but with the right apps, it can become much easier:

Pet First Aid – Red Cross (iOS, Android)

The Red Cross has brought together all of the information that you could need in an emergency to ensure that your dog receives the best care. Included is a section on spotting the early signs of any doggy health concerns, giving you peace of mind when your dog is under the weather. Pet First Aid provides users with simple step-by-step instructions giving you the confidence to deal with everyday pet emergencies. There are also ‘how to’ videos for those moments when visual instructions are needed. You can use Pet First Aid to keep track of all your dog’s health needs, setting up profiles for each pet, keeping track of vets appointments and medication.

Pet Coach (iOS, Android)

Pet Coach brings veterinary advice to your phone in one handy place and without the expensive veterinary price tag. Whether you have a question about your dog’s health or are looking for some advice with nutrition or training Pet Coach can help. With Pet Coach you know that you are getting the information you can trust with all information being provided by veterinarians, pet nutritionists and other experts in the world of dogs. Can’t find the information you’re looking for, you can then use the app to ask a question and an expert will reply to your question and be at hand to help you with any further concerns.

Rover – Dog Sitters & Walkers (iOS, Android)

Rover is a dog walking and sitter service made simple, that understands it can be hard to leave your special furry friend and it is the extra details in any dog care service that makes the whole experience much easier for both you and your dog. With Rover you can search through local walkers and sitters, check out their profile and read reviews to ensure that they are the perfect match for you and your dog. What makes Rover stand out from other services are the features on offer when your dog is away from you, using the app your dog carer can share photos, report cards, and maps of walks, keeping you up-to-date with your dog and the knowledge that they are safe.

Dog Vacay – Boarding & Sitting (Android)

Dog Vacay brings to you the solution to all your dog care problems, whether you’re going away for just the night or on a longer trip you need someone to look after your furry friend. Not every dog enjoys going to a kennel and we aren’t all lucky enough to have friends who will take our dog in and care for them. Dog Vacay is a service that brings dog owners and those willing to take your dog into their house and care for them together. Using the app you can easily search for the perfect dog sitter, the filters allow you to narrow your search down based on the type of sitter you’re looking for and your dog’s own needs. You can read reviews for all sitters that use the service so that you have peace of mind while away from your dog.

Dog Buddy (iOS)

Dog Buddy is a diary app with a twist, it’s a diary for your dog. You can use the app in much the same way you might use your own personal diary, to store photos, write down memories and to remember milestones. You can also use the app as more of an organizational diary, helping to keep track of appointments with vets and trainers. You can also track your dog’s weight, medications and another information that is important to your dog. A very useful feature is the ability to share all of the information stored in the app with friends, meaning if they are dog sitting for you they have all of the information they need in one place.

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