Mark Cuban Heralds Ethereum, Bitcoin

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By October 14, 2021

Mark Cuban has some advice for people who are new to investing in cryptocurrency.

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“As an investment, I think ethereum has the most upside,” he told CNBC Make It Wednesday. Bitcoin, he added, is “better gold than gold.” 

The billionaire investor also said that dogecoin, which is a cryptocurrency that was inspired by a meme and is popular online, is a solid entrypoint to learn about cryptocurrency and how communities can impact markets. That coin is also “fun,” he said, expanding on comments he made to CNBC Make It in August about the fanbase that supports the coin. 

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“The community for doge is the strongest when it comes to using it as a medium of exchange,” he said at the time.

The Dallas Mavericks owner bought some dogecoin with his 11-year-old son earlier this year, saying that not only was he teaching his son about cryptocurrency, but his son was helping him learn more about the space, too.

Cuban, whose portfolio includes digital coins, NFTs and blockchain companies, has heralded ethereum, bitcoin and dogecoin in the past, too. As CNBC noted, he said in April that smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain “really changed everything.” 

He said at the time he wished he had bought ether sooner, adding, “I think it’s the closest we have to a true currency.” 

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