Marketing Magic!- 5 Amazing Moves

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Do you invite your readers to share an experience with you? Are you involving them in an interactive process? Content can do a lot more than just sit on a screen.

There are a host of both subtle and elaborate ways to give your material an extra kick. Now is the time to create some real marketing magic! Here are five marketing magic moves to begin with:


1. Make Data More Useful

Assume you have a large amount of data about 12 distinct sectors within your target market. You can use the data to create various infographics or write a dozen blog posts. Additionally, you could mash all the data into one content source and let each vertical search for the essential information.

Alternatively, you might start with a template and allow the user to choose which data sources they’d want to examine. After that, watch as the most relevant information magically appears.

This is what LinkedIn did with their “Where to Find Talent in the United States” infographic. Simply choose your industry from the drop-down menu and it populates the template with data according to your needs. It’s a clever approach to ensure that each viewer gets exactly what they want.


2. Allow for Automatic Hyper-personalization

Checklists are a popular type of content that marketers employ to add extra value to their material. A checklist provides a short version of your material to your reader, with only action items and no filler. Checklists are popular with readers, and they work well as a gated asset or as a standalone resource.

You can improve on the humble checklist, though, by making it interactive. Let your viewers pick the most relevant things and construct their list automatically. Allow the reader to select specific areas of concern before generating a personal to-do list after giving an email address.

Interactivity increases the value of the checklist for the reader and justifies gating the end report. It also adds a sense of discovery by allowing readers to click on each icon. This, in turn, may lead them to spend more time with the information.


3. Quiz Your Readers

Let’s face it: we enjoy discussing ourselves, examining ourselves, photographing ourselves, and learning about ourselves. In addition, self-portraits are among the earliest pictures we have.

Quiz-based material can help you profit from the thrill of self-discovery. Quizzes are addictive, from personality tests to a quiz determining your Patronus. This type of content can be especially engaging when referencing important topics.


4. Present a Large Amount of Information in a Visually Appealing Way

Taking a blog or slideshow and turning it into something more enjoyable is another way to create some marketing magic. Even if the content is well-known or familiar, a fresh presentation might make it worth revisiting.

You can create an endless grid of logos just waiting to be clicked so they may unveil their secrets. Make each tile a call to action as users scroll and explore: Create a Logo, Get a New Graphic Design, etc. These CTAs can be subtle but can appear after users have had some fun with the content.


5. Bring Diverse Elements Together

There is no such thing as a vacuum in which a product can exist unless you sell vacuum bags. And if you do sell vacuum bags, we are still talking about marketing. Outside of their relationship with your product, your target consumer has a whole life to live.

That life has many facets that include interactions with other products. Therefore, use interactive material to address the bigger picture of your audience’s lives.

Your goal is creating synergy, a genuine combining of distinct aspects to make something better. Think brilliant design, effortless style, and functionality. Allow readers to tailor the entire experience rather than just the look and sound.



We don’t have to stick to the old ways of content marketing. Text will always have a place as long-form material is incomparable to short-form content. However, if you create interactive experiences that complement your high-quality content, your audience will engage with it.

That kind of marketing magic is what modern technology is all about.


Image Credit: Nikolay Ivanov; Pexels; Thank you!

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