Mastering Clicks with Money Rules

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For those seeking entertainment value when gaming, simplicity is often the best strategy to developers looking to attract a large audience. This is especially evident with viral games such as Doodle Jump, Flappy Birds, and Angry Birds where only a few clicks or motions are required to play. With this notion taken into consideration, Money Rules is an app designed for highly intuitive gameplay requiring only clicks which makes it simultaneously challenging and simple to begin.

Available for free on the App Store, Money Rules is based on bills of money that quickly fly across the screen while users tap as fast as possible to grab it. This easily understood premise makes it extremely easy to start playing the game with little to no instructions. Despite the simplistic nature of Money Rules, the game is made interesting with various challenges and levels that take the user across the world with the use of different backgrounds. From Paris to New York, players must learn to react quickly to the money as to avoid tapping on phony bills that penalize the player while simultaneously trying to catch gold bills to double their earnings.

The use of several powerups effectively removes the repetitive nature of the game as players are able slow down time to capture more money or use the ability to capture more money at once. The purpose of accumulating the money is to make small investments in various assets such as banks, pawn shops, and various stores as a means to be on top of the international leaderboard. This notion of competition makes Money Rules more interesting as players are incentivized to outrank their rivals, be it their friends or others around the world. Furthermore, as users continue to progress in the game, the levels become increasingly difficult as to keep players engaged as opposed to having a stagnant level of challenges.

To compliment the interesting nature of the game, the creator of the app is far from any traditional developer. As a professional basketball player, Elton Brown has a diverse background in sports as well as the mobile app space. As a player in the Saint Thomas Basket Le Havre (STB Le Havre), a prestigious basketball league based in France, Brown has dedicated time to working on this app to further his development both personally and professionally as a mobile app developer. As a player in a competitive league, this particular characteristic is projected into the game as players are encouraged to outrank one another on the international leaderboard. Coming from such a differentiated background compared to the majority of other app developers, Brown’s background spurs even more curiosity for the game for those who are aware of his career.

With its dynamic level of gameplay, Money Rules is a highly addicting game for those who are seeking a source of simple entertainment. Accumulating wealth, investing in a number of properties, and using powerups provides entertaining and fun gameplay for a wide range of players and is a must-have for the young and old alike.

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