Best Mental Health Resources for Entrepreneurs

best mental health resouces

Entrepreneurship is a tough journey full of struggle, stress, mistake, and huge loads. Almost all entrepreneurs need to go through mental pressure most of the time. So, many have come with some great resources for mental health information aimed at entrepreneurs. You can find information about common mental health problems and how to cope with them in these resources.

These resources do not provide medical advice and are not intended to replace the advice of a licensed mental health professional. You will just get general information about common mental health issues from the best mental health resources for entrepreneurs. These do not intend to endorse any specific mental health services. However, if you are an entrepreneur and need help, you should contact a mental health professional.

Below are some of the best mental health resources for entrepreneurs:


In today’s world, it is not uncommon to find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed. With 70 million Americans affected by behavioral illness, access to mental health care can be difficult. Cost, stigma, and geography often prohibit treatment. But Talkspace is changing this. Founded nine years ago, this mental health network helps people overcome those obstacles. It offers online and in-person therapy. The platform is available through a behavioral health benefit or EAP.

While there are plenty of options for mental health professionals, Talkspace has a unique approach. Through text, audio, or video, users can interact with licensed therapists to find the right therapist to help them cope with their mental health issues. The company specializes in relationships, substance abuse, and depression. The company also works with schools and offers free online access to healthcare professionals. Talkspace has a hefty list of available therapists to choose from and offers a variety of packages to meet your needs.

According to Statista, one-third of the U.S. entrepreneurs report suffering from a mental health issue. However, only one-third of these individuals receive adequate mental health care. Further, access to traditional therapy is often difficult, costly, and stigmatized. So, Talkspace can eliminate the difficulty as an important resource for aspiring and existing business owners.

Lantern Health

Lantern Health is another amazing mental health resource or platform to help entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world. While the company has grown to serve large employers such as Facebook and Intuit, it has always targeted different audiences. The startup first focused on direct-to-consumer users but eventually moved into payer and employer-focused markets. But, the problem was that the company spun too many plates. As the company grew and gained more clients, it became difficult to sustain the company’s growth.

Now, Lantern’s mission is to improve mental health and reduce the number of suicides by reducing depression, anxiety, and stress. Their programs are used by thousands of individuals and have partnerships with 30+ colleges across the U.S. Several of Lantern’s founders have experience as CEOs of startups. Currently, Lantern is venture-backed. Its future plans include launching a mood program and expanding its product offering.

The company’s programs are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on the relationship between thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors. The goal of Lantern is to empower people with the skills to manage stress, anxiety, and body image in their daily lives. Moreover, Lantern uses behavioral change coaches with advanced training in CBT to help patients through their programs. The coaches give feedback and hold them accountable. This approach is unique among mental health startups.


Headspace is a great mental health resource for all types of entrepreneurs. Providing just a small fee for a subscription gives you access to a lot of mindfulness courses. You can choose the sector you need help with from the list of different areas, such as movement, sleep, focus, waking up, and many more. As a result, you get your desired services without any difficulty.

Another interesting thing about this platform is that you can improve your condition within a small period of time. So, no matter how difficult your situation is and what uncertainty you need to face, you can always get help from this platform.

Worry Watch

The app was designed to help you deal with daily anxiety and stress. It offers a variety of tools to help you cope with your problems. Guided coping techniques, including mindfulness meditation and guided imagery, help you tap into your body’s natural relaxation response. Also, Worry Watch includes a journal to record your experiences and customizable copying settings. Users can choose to view their moods throughout the day, and the app can even keep track of their own emotions.

The resource is free and offers information on overcoming common mental health challenges faced by entrepreneurs. It’s also not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. It is a resource to help entrepreneurs deal with common mental health challenges and provides links to various wellness services. The webinar is hosted by Startup Canada, BDC, and Futurpreneur, and focuses on best practices for achieving success.

Final Thoughts

Apart from all these, you will also get a lot of other mental health resources like Calm, Unplug, Happify, and many more. It is always wise to take help from any of the platforms you like from the above list and make your entrepreneurial journey better.

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