Michael McIntyre says there is one joke he regrets making about his wife

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Michael McIntyre has joked that there is one gag he regrets making about his wife, Kitty.

The comedian often uses anecdotes about his marriage as part of his stand-up material, but there is one white lie he feels a little guilty about telling.

“I regret the jokes I made in a previous DVD about her farting in the night because that’s not strictly true," he told Metro.co.uk.

“I regretted those, but she was fine with them. I ran them by her and they were fine. I think it upsets her a little bit when strangers come over and go, ‘Oh are you the one who farts in the night?’ or, ‘Are you the one who can’t pull their tights up?’ I don’t think she likes that.”

McIntyre isn’t losing any sleep over it, though. “Ultimately I need laughs to pay the bills so she’s okay with it,” he added.  

Kitty and Michael McIntyre(Rex Features)

“The fact that people are laughing means that it’s a reality and people can see themselves reflected in it. My wife is just going to have to sit and take it for the rest of her career.”

McIntyre’s new stand-up special, Showman, is available to stream now on Netflix.

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