‘Mother God’ corpse smothered in oils to mask odour as cult leader’s mum claims cover-up in new interview

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Graphic new details have emerged of how Love has Won worshipped the mummified corpse of cult leader Amy Carlson, known to followers as "Mother God".

In exclusive interviews with NBC’s Dateline, Ms Carlson’s mother and the sheriff who discovered the body spoke out after prosecutors dropped charges over the morbid ritual.

Saguache County Sheriff Dan Warwick tells Dateline’s Keith Morrison the group was burning sage in the room and covering Ms Carlson in essential oils to "keep the odour down" when he found her.

In a preview of the two-hour special airing Friday night, Mr Warwick said the group was effectively worshipping the mummified corpse.

"Wow, I mean, it’s just [you] shake and go wow. There’s not much more I can say. I’ve been doing this for 26 years. I used to say I’ve seen it all. I don’t say that anymore."

Seven members of the spiritual cult were taken into custody after the decaying body of Ms Carlson, 45, was discovered in the group’s headquarters in Colorado in April.

They were charged with misdemeanour child abuse as two minors were inside the home, but the Saguache County District Attorney later dropped all charges.

Mr Warwick told Dateline they should have faced charges for abuse of a corpse, while Ms Carlson’s mother, Linda Haythorne, believes there are still questions around her daughter’s death.

"It seems like they’re kind of brushing it under the rug," Ms Haythorne says in a clip of the interview published by People. "That’s the way I feel, anyway."

Saguache County Sheriff searched the cult’s headquarters on 29 April and found Ms Carlson dead body mummified and decorated by Christmas lights, with her eyes covered in glitter.

Investigators believed Ms Carlson died elsewhere and was transported to Colorado, possibly from California.

Deputies arrested "Father God" Juan Castillo, along with members Ryan Kramer, John Robertson, Karin Raymond, Christopher Royer, Sara Rudolph, and Ma obdulia Franco Gonzalez.

District Attorney Alonzo Payne defended dropping the charges.

"Our office looked at all the documents and everything that was provided, and from our perspective, the allegations could not be met beyond a reasonable doubt," he told Dateline.

Ms Carlson’s mother told The Denver Gazette in September she’s frustrated Mr Castillo is no longer charged in the case, adding that she’s "afraid he’s going to hurt someone else".

After finding the body and investigating the case, Mr Warwick said justice has not been served.

"I can understand why they would be angry, frustrated, I guess disgusted with the entire process. I don’t blame them for having those feelings," he said.

"I think we walked away from something that needed to be addressed.

The Ascension of Mother God airs Friday at 9pm ET.

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