Must Have Apps for Coupon Clippers

Flipp – Weekly Shopping

For regular shopping such as for groceries or household items, Flipp is one of the best apps that can save users a significant amount of money over time. With deals that span across multiple retail chains, users can easily find the ones that are applicable to their preferred store in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the app provides exclusive deals that are only offered through the Flipp app which means that it has an advantage over other tools that may not have access to these offers.

Beyond this, users can search for the exact product that they want to purchase while the app locates the applicable coupon for it through all of the flyers so that users do not have to search through each one manually. One of the best features of Flipp is that users are able to also form grocery lists right from the app so that no external tool is required to keep track of the items that need to be purchased. With all of these features, Flipp is a great tool for getting discounts for regular shopping.

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Groupon – Shop Deals, Discounts & Coupons

As one of the biggest names in the coupon and discount space, Groupon is an app that can give discounts for nearly every purchase or activity. In encompassing such a wide range of available purchases beyond just goods at stores, the app is perfect for many expenditures. Furthermore, Groupon is designed to accommodate a group of people so that activities involving a group can be cheaper than individuals without the app.

Upon launch, the free Groupon iPhone app determines your current location and displays the Groupon for the city you’re in—or closest to, anyway. You’ll be able to see the time left to purchase the deal, how many have been purchased, important things like how much you save, as well as Groupon’s complete, usually funny, description of the deal. If you have an account, you can purchase Groupons within the app itself.

As the tool is one of the biggest in the space, it is able to cover nearly every purchase from foods, activities, groceries, and even travelling which makes it so appealing to have for those who are looking to save on their purchases. From discovery to cashback rewards, the breadth of Groupon is massive which makes it a great app for those who are looking to save on a wide range of purchases.

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Checkout 51: Grocery coupons

Beyond simply offering coupons for purchases, Checkout 51 is an app that takes the art of discounting to a new level by introducing cashback rewards for purchasers. With this, users who make purchases of applicable items that are eligible to earn cashback rewards simply need to take a picture of the receipt while the app processes it.

After enough cashback rewards have been accumulated, users can apply this balance to their next purchase to lower the cost. Beyond just cashbacks, Checkout 51 also presents deals of the week so that users can get discounts and coupons for their purchases, even if they are not eligible for cashback rewards. As one of the few apps that enable for its users to get cashback rewards, Checkout 51 is highly recommended for saving and earning money.

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Ebates: Shop Online & Earn Cash Back

While the other apps listed in this article are designed to be used for purchases that are done in the store, Ebates is an app that offers the same functions but for online purchases. With this, users are able to get their online purchases at a discounted price and even cashback on their purchases.

As one of the limited tools that are designed to help reduce the price of online purchases as opposed to in-store purchases, those who are more active with ecommerce are able to similarly save money when buying online. As the coupons cover major online retailers such as Amazon and other department stores, it is highly comprehensive in what it is able to offer and can significantly benefit those who make a large number of online purchases.

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Slickdeals: Coupons & Shopping (iOS/Android)

As one of the largest online communities that are dedicated to sharing coupons and discounts, Slickdeals does not only deliver the coupon to users, but also integrates a social component where others are able to share deals that they find so that other members can benefit from it. Given that other apps do not make such a feature possible, Slickdeals is a great tool for getting access to the latest deals, even before other apps show the discounts as a result of a community that shares this information without the need to have the app updated on a daily basis.

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The Coupons App

As the name of the app implies, The Coupon App is one of the most comprehensive resources available for those who are looking to save across all categories. With thousands of coupons made available for consumers around the world, the app is updated on a daily basis so that users never miss out any opportunity to save on their purchases. With so many coupons and discounts made available through the app, The Coupons App lets users personalize what they are interested in so that they are able to receive only the deals and discounts that they want instead of having to search through thousands of flyers. As the app is highly comprehensive in what it is able to deliver,

The Coupons App also covers gas prices so that users are able to find the gas stations nearby that have the best price per liter for the gas. Furthermore, with updates being made daily on the app, users can choose to get notifications on when deals are updated so that they never miss a chance to save on their purchases.

One of the best features of the app is that the barcodes are made available right on the phone so that the scanning of the coupon to save money is streamlined and can be done in a matter of minutes, making it one of the best apps for those looking for an end-to-end coupon solution.

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Foupon – All Coupons in One (iOS/Android)

In the realm of food purchases, Foupon is an app that can be used to save on purchases made on meals and groceries. From fast-food meals to dinner specials, the Foupon app is designed to be specific to the food niche so that users never have to pay full price for food again. Covering most major fast food chains and restaurants such as KFC, McDonalds, and Starbucks, the app is able to save users a significant amount of money over prolonged usage.

As everything can be found and presented on the device, all that a user has to do is present the coupon to the cashier at the time of purchase and the barcode associated with the coupon for the discount to be applied. With the ability to search for coupons by name or by locations so that users are able to get the deals that are closest to them, Foupon is a highly recommended app for those who are looking to save on food purchases. Beyond this, notifications can also be automatically given to the user so that no deals are missed if there are any new deals that are available.

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[appbox googleplay co.foupon.foupon] (iOS/Android) is one of the best tools that can be used to save on purchases made for all categories instead of just a single category. For example, through the app, users are able to receive flyers from all of the major retailers for nearly every purchase. Flyers can be received from places such as Wal-Mart and Costco so that all of the deals and coupons can be aggregated in a single place.

Beyond simply providing the flyers for the opportunity to save, also presents other information that would help users become more economical by letting them use their loyalty cards in the app as well as forming a shopping list so that users can keep track of everything that they would like to purchase and which coupons to apply to them. With the combination of all of these features, is extremely comprehensive in the savings that can be made through the app as well as the other benefits of using such a tool from the aggregated flyers to the loyalty cards programs.

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Fast Food Specials & Coupons (iOS/Android)

Similar to Foupon in that the app is designed to help users save money on various food purchases from fast food restaurants to diners, Fast Food Specials & Coupon is designed to deliver similar discounts to its users. From chain restaurants to coffee shops, the app covers many brands that are common around the world. What differentiates the app from Froupon is that the deals that are presented are updated on a daily basis so that users never miss out on an opportunity to save.

Covering over 50,000 restaurants coupled with the fact that the app aggregates all of the discounts from other apps as well such as Groupon, LivingSocial, and, all of the discounts are in a centralized location instead of the users having to search for the different discounts in multiple places manually. With this, it becomes extremely easy to maximize the coupons that a user can receive without spending too much time looking through various sites to get discounts.

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Reebee – Flyers and Shopping List

Instead of having to sift through countless flyers to find the coupons that can be used for purchases, reebee is an app that aggregates all of the products that are on sale or have coupons into a single location so that users do not have to find the specific ones that they want manually. All that a user has to do is to search for the item which they wish to buy and then the app will return all of the locations that sell that item as well as the coupon that is associated with that particular item.

This can be done for multiple items and then a shopping list can be formed so that users know exactly where they are going to get the item. What makes this feature so unique is that users are then able to compare the different discounts that each store is giving so that they can maximize their savings. With this, reebee is one of the easiest apps that can save a significant amount of time when users are looking to save money on nearly all purchases.

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Coupons and Deals – Save Money

One of the best tools that can be used to save money through coupons is Coupons and Deals which covers both in-store purchases as well as purchases that are made online. As the app gives notifications for when certain items are going on sale or have a coupon available, users can always get the best deals.

For example, the app has information on coupons that exist for Wal-Mart as well as Amazon which means that nearly every purchase whether it is online or in-store can have cost savings. Combining the deals from over 10 coupon providers, the app is one that covers what the other coupon app covers and even more for nearly every category. Covering all categories of products instead of a single niche, Coupons and Deals is one of the best couponing apps available.

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SnipSnap Coupon App

With the app, users can take photos of coupons for online storage. The app will process the bar code and turn it into a scan-able image, all while retaining the original photograph. I like the idea of SnipSnap Coupon App, but where I would use it most (with manufacturer coupons in the grocery store), isn’t supported at this time. Right now the app is better suited to smaller mall chains or big box stores such as Target.

In addition to scanning your own coupons, you can also see coupons that other people have scanned, too.

You can select coupons to add to your favorites list and once you’ve tried using them at the store, indicate if you were successful or not. Here lies SnipSnap’s inherent problem. Retailers are under absolutely no obligation to accept your electronic discounts. Stores such as Target that already accept mobile coupons are probably your best bet, but there’s no guarantee, which means for now you better keep those scraps of paper close by.

SnipSnap says manufacturer coupons are coming soon, but with typical restrictions on number of uses, the group pool feature is likely crossing a line that companies won’t be happy about.

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SavingStar – Grocery Coupons

Getting deals via SavingStar will take a minute or two of your time, but with no clipping — or needing to remember to take the coupons to the store — SavingStar will earn you cash. Eventually. Unlike traditional paper coupons, SavingStar won’t lower your bill at the checkout lane. Instead, users create a SavingStar account and link their loyalty cards to the service. Browse the coupons, and if there is something you’ll purchase, add the deal to your card. When you purchase the product, you’ll pay the normal price, but SavingStar will be notified and tracks and accrues your savings. Once you’ve reached $5 with SavingStar, you can get a cash transfer to your bank or PayPal account, or select an Amazon gift card or charity donation.

Many of the coupons available are worth $1 or $2 — and for popular brands — so reaching the $5 minimum isn’t out of the question. Coupons are typically valid for 30 days, with new specials added on the first day of the month. Linking a coupon to your account is a matter of tapping the “I Want This!” button. To see restrictions or coupon details, tap the blue arrow. Some coupons “sell out,” so my polite side wishes there was a way to unlink coupons you don’t end up using from your account for the benefit of others.

Once you’ve completed the initial setup, SavingStar is about as easy as it gets to earn cash at the checkout. If your local store doesn’t use a loyalty card, SavingStar Grocery eCoupons might still be available to you, via Upromise or other methods.

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If your phone is full of deal apps, newbie 8Coupons is aiming to make your life easier, by combining most deal providers (the company claims to have every deal source out there) into its app for iPhone and iPod Touch. The result is a database of more than a half-million available deals, and counting, across the country.

8Coupons has some features I like, such as its iDeals tab that shows you deals in an augmented-reality format. I also like that you can view deals on a flat map or in list format, as well as filter offers by category — helpful if you’re strictly in a shopping or eating mood. 8Coupons promotes user interaction by allowing users to upload their own found deals in-app. The form is simple: You can take a photo if you like, then select the type of deal, such as coupon code, happy hour or free, its expiration date and a description of the deal. As you browse available deals in your area, you can give them a thumbs up or down, or leave a comment. Voting can be done anonymously, but to add a deal or leave a comment, you’ll need to connect via Facebook. Although the user activity shows promise, it should be noted that these submissions don’t seem to be vetted for accuracy.

What I don’t love about 8Coupons is the fact that many of its included deals aren’t available for immediate use. Yes, you can see offers from Groupon and Living Social, but you’ll have to purchase them via the in-line browser, and you’ll have to wait the normal amount of time for each to be activated. Although this isn’t 8Coupons’ fault, I have to wonder how much use these deals would be to people who are using the app outside of their own homes. I also found that the majority of deals available near me were exclusive to, which deals primarily in food delivery (although it is branching out into pickup, too). Sure, it’s nice to know these deals exist, but they aren’t that helpful when out and about, and I’m not going to open 8Coupons while sitting on my couch looking to order Thai.

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For those who are looking for different tools that can help them save money when making purchases, the tools listed in this article can help save a significant amount of money through the use of coupons. From those that are designed to help save money on regular groceries by presenting coupons and discounts to others which help users earn cash back rewards, these tools should be used to save users money, especially over a prolonged period of time.

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