Must Have Apps for Dieters

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With Christmas long behind us and the excuse of all the festive food long gone, spring is a great time to be thinking about kicking start that diet and getting your summer body ready for the beach.

Dieting has never been easier than before with a wide range of apps on the market, to help with everything from keeping a food diary, tracking your exercise routine.

Below are five apps to making dieting easier than ever before:

My Fitness Pal (iOS, Android)

My Fitness Pal really will feel like a new and wonderful pal, whether you’re looking to lose weight, exercise more or just change a few unhealthy habits, it’s the app that has your back. With just a few clicks you can set your goals and the time that you hope to achieve them in. Using My Fitness Pal you can log the food that you eat, the exercise that you complete, as well as the smaller details such as the amount of water you drink in a day, number of steps taken and the amount of sleep you’re getting a night. You can then see all of this information in a helpful, easy to understand graphs and statistics allowing you to stay on track to meet your goals. For those moments when you’re lacking motivation, your fitness pal has your back with a community feature integrated into the app, so you can talk to other aiming for similar goals and cheer each other on.

Fooducate Nutrition Tracker (iOS, Android)

Fooducate is an app that takes an interesting approach to losing weight, with 100% of the focus being on what you eat, rather than exercise. What makes Fooducate stand out over other dieting apps that focus on food is that it aims to educate its users, believing that it is not enough to just lose the weight but you have to understand the effects of the foods we eat in order to keep the weight off. Using the app you can easily track the food that you’re eating, as well as the effect this has on your sleep, mood and hunger levels, helping you to learn more about yourself. Having logged the food that you’ve eaten Foosucate provides you with information such as the amount of fats, protein and macros you have consumed. When scanning food you are also provided with alternative healthier suggestions, helping you to adjust your lifestyle and stay in shape.

Lose It! (iOS, Android)

Lose It! is an incredibly simple app designed to make keeping track of the number of calories you eat in a day easier than ever before. Before you eat simply scan the barcode on your food or if it’s something you’ve made yourself take a photo and Lose It! does the rest. You can see how many calories you have eaten in a day and use a range of different graphs to track your calorie intake over a longer period of time. Some of the extra features include a serving suggestion guide, helping you to adjust how much you eat rather than just what you’re eating, as well as a meal planner for the more organized dieter.

Noom Coach (iOS)

Noom Coach is an app that aims to be more than just a dieting tool but a lifestyle changer. Noom Coach has been designed by psychologists and doctors with the goal of helping you get into healthy habits that will change your life and keep you healthy. Through the app, you slowly learn ow to navigate your environment, challenge your thoughts and overcome barriers that have prevented you from having the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed off. The flexible approach taken by the app and the personalized feedback great an experience that you could only get before from a real life coach. Within the app, you have all the tools needed to track your weight, food intake, health and even blood sugar levels. Having set the app up you are provided with your own custom exercise and food plan, as well as a pedometer.

My Diet Coach (iOS, Android)

My Diet Coach takes a fun approach to dieting, which can be seen throughout the app including the bright and cheerful design used. Using the app you can set your own goals, meaning that you know you are following a plan that will work for you, your goals can be as big as you desire, including small changes such as drinking more water in a day. Helpful reminders throughout the day will keep you motivated and help you to slowly make small lifestyle changes that ultimately make a big difference. Within the app you can design a workout plan and easily track the food that you are eating throughout the day. My Diet Coach understands that dieting and changing life long habits can be hard and has included a reward system to help keep you motivated through the difficult times. With the fun and very visual approach that My Diet Coach uses, you will truly enjoy the challenge and hardly feel like you are on a diet

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