Must Have Apps for Job Hunters

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With increased automation and a shift towards cheaper labour through outsourcing, finding a job can be more difficult than ever before. As so many different platforms, tools, and sites exist which that claim to help connect job seekers with available positions, mobile apps have become an unlikely source of combining job demand with supply. Given that so many are available across the app stores, this article discusses the best ones that can be used to secure a fitting job.

LinkedIn Job Search (iOS/Android)

As one of the most widely used professional networking sites, LinkedIn is often considered to be synonymous with jobs and job seeking. Although a professional network at heart, the platform is perfect for those who are looking for jobs related to their field. Through the app, users can get job recommendations based on their profile while the application process is made easy as it already holds a significant amount of professional information such as previous work history, education, interests, and qualifications. With the ability to search for jobs, see how many other people have applied for the same role, and if there are any known connections at that particular organization, users of LinkedIn Job Search can get a significant advantage in the job application process which makes it one of the most recommended tools to be used by job seekers.

Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews (iOS/Android)

Similar to LinkedIn, Glassdoor is a platform that offers a significant amount of job data to make the job searching experience easier. For example, users of the app are able discover new jobs as well as look deeper into the job market such as the average salary range for that role, the reviews that current and past employees have left on the company, and the typical interview process for the organization. With all of this information, candidates have a better chance at succeeding as they are able to adequately prepare instead of being surprised during the interview. One of the best aspects of the app is that based on what has been searched for in the past, the app recommends roles that best fit the interest of the user. With this, Glassdoor recommends tailored jobs so that users simply only have to apply as opposed to search for them as well.

Indeed Job Search (iOS/Android)

One of the most common names in the job search market is Indeed for its significant offerings in terms of volume. As a platform with 16 million jobs, it is one of the most active platforms that are designed to connect job seekers with open positions. With a highly curated search feature, users are able to find the jobs that match their exact criteria. For example, users can find positions that are based on position title, company, city, distance, and even recommended jobs. Given that some many jobs are available, it can be difficult to keep track and apply to all of the ones of interest at once. For this reason, the app makes it easy to save the position which can then be applied to at a later time. As one of the most comprehensive job search platforms, Indeed is a highly recommended tool for those who looking to find a job.

Upwork: Easily connect on the go (iOS/Android)

Deviating from the other apps in this article which are designed to connect job seekers with positions at various companies, Upwork is a tool that is meant to help people utilize their skills to become their own boss whether it is for full-time employment or a hobby. Through the app, users can sell their services ranging from technical programming to artwork while those who are looking to utilizes these services can hire the freelancers on an hourly or contract basis. Perfect for those who are looking for employment options with fewer commitments, users of Upwork only answer to themselves and their client instead of having a boss. Furthermore, the working conditions are not as stringent as freelancers have the option of working when it is convenient for them. For this reason, Upwork is one of the best freelancing apps available for those who want to sell their skills on an on-demand basis.

Resume Builder Free, 5 Minute CV Maker & Templates (iOS/Android)

One of the most important aspects of seeking a job is not just to apply to as many as possible, but also to form high-quality and tailored resumes to increase the chances of being selected for an interview. With so many different templates and advice available for creating a resume, the best tool that can be used as a reference is Resume Builder which contains many different variations of resumes depending on the position and industry. With tips and templates that are easy to fill out, the confusion associated with resume building is effectively eliminated so that the chances of an interview are as high as possible. Given the fact that the layout of the resume may be enough of an excuse to forgo a candidate, Resume Builder is one of the highest recommended apps for those who are seeking a job and are unsure about the correct structure of their resume.

Job Search by ZipRecruiter (iOS/Android)

As a highly intuitive app for applying to jobs, Job Search is designed for maximum efficiency. What differentiates Job Search from competing job apps beyond searching for related positions is that many of the jobs can be applied to with a single click given that the profile is filled out correctly. Once this is done, users can browse the jobs that they wish to apply for and then in a single click apply for the position. As one of the easiest ways to apply, Job Search is perfect for those who are looking for higher volume in terms of job applications.

Given that the employment market is becoming more difficult to navigate as a result increased automation, more saturated with job seekers, and outsourcing, the apps listed in this article are great tools to help find a job. Whether looking for available positions for a long-term career or freelancing skills independently, these apps are must-have tools for those who are seeking employment.

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