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There are a lot of banking apps out there and obviously you're going to use the app from your bank. These are the apps I use and like.

U.S. Bank

Like most bank apps this app is a good app. It’s really nothing special but it has all the features you’d want from your typical bank app. For my credit card account I can sign in, see the current balance, look at my transactions, make a payment, etc. For typical bank users you can transfer balances and possibly make deposits? If you have a US Bank account you’ll obviously want this app for managing your accounts.

Wells Fargo Mobile

In general this app is pretty great. For whatever reason I didn’t expect it to be able to show me my mortgage information but it does, well, for my second mortgage at least. For the line of credit (aka second mortgage) the app shows me my payments and even breaks them into principal and interest payments. Sadly it won’t tell me anything about my actual mortgage outside of the outstanding balance.

That said, the app can help you find an ATM and even allows you to transfer funds from one account to the other (something that it especially awesome while on the go).

If you have a Wells Fargo account or several you’ll definitely want this app.

Chase Mobile

I don’t hate this app… don’t get my rating wrong. When it works it’s great. The trouble is that time and time again it seems incapable of recognizing my mobile device. I’ve only had one iPhone ever, only one smart device ever. So how exactly is it that it never remembers.

The second part of the trouble comes from the fact that requesting an identification code so I can be recognized is also almost impossible. Send it to my email? SURE! Except that you never do, or you do it hours later. Text me? Great but I’m still waiting.

Once you finally are able to get in to the app it works as it should and as you’d expect for a mobile banking app, but if you can’t get in, it’s basically useless.

Thanks for the security Chase but if I can’t actually use your app it’s pretty worthless.

Bank of America – Mobile Banking

There’s not too much to say with this app. It works exactly as expected.

You log in, see your account information and from there you can poke into your accounts. Want to know what transactions have posted? Not a problem. Need to fine a BOA location? Also not an issue. You can transfer between accounts easily and there’s even a contact us page in case you need to call BOA.

Good app and if you have a BOA account you’ll want it!

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