Newspaper app serves 50 dailies, but no more

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The Internet serves as a nearly infinite feast for news junkies. Organization is an ongoing challenge, however, as creating bookmarks and remembering URLs can be daunting and cumbersome.  The Newspaper iPhone App is one limited solution to this problem.

Offering the world’s “50 best newspapers,” the Newspaper app gives users a list of daily publications organized by country.  It provides users the ability to select the home page for a listed newspaper while being able to quickly navigate back to the application and other newspapers on the list.

The major concern with the Newspaper app is its subjectivity.  While including a good cross-section of major American, Canadian and European dailies, fans of other major English-language newspapers or any newspapers from Africa or Latin America might strongly object to what constitutes the world’s 50 best papers.  The application lacks the ability to switch out from its predetermined choices to newspapers better fitting user preferences.

While this app might indeed list the world’s best newspapers, only advanced linguists will easily tackle all 50.  For as newspapers like Le Monde might certainly be among the world’s finest, having a link to this French paper of record will only serve as a novelty for non-French speakers.  Such novelties fade quickly and are seldom used.

Nonetheless, compulsive news junkies whose tastes mirror the list should appreciate this application.

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