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Notagenda is a practical and advanced tool, especially for those looking for a well-integrated calendar and note-taking usage in an app.

Notagenda integrates note-taking and calendar use in one practical tool.

Notagenda is a practical and advanced tool, especially for those looking for a well-integrated calendar and note-taking usage in an app. The app tries to make it as easy as possible to use notes and calendar functions together. For example, you can view your notes on a calendar and assign notes preferred dates. You can also create a note directly on a day you choose on the calendar and view your current and past notes in a separate view pinned on today. 

Notagenda’s aim is to let people use the app like they are keeping their agenda, but more effectively than a real life version.

Summary of Notagenda’s Features

Notagenda has some basic features like an easy-access categories and folders sidebar; note coloring and color-tagging; password-protected notes; note sharing ability; a functional widget; task notes; data protection by 128-bit AES encryption; enhanced sorting options; a separate alarm page for alarms separate from notes; and a powerful search function.

There are also some detailed, nuanced features that are really important in a practical note-taking app like copying external links to your preferred notes when sharing it into the app or merging notes.

Notagenda’s Offerings: A Closer Look


You can view your notes on a separate calendar view, and you can add notes or reminders to any date you would like. You can also view your notes in chronological order.

Easy-access category sidebar

Letting users access their categories, or folders, with one swipe on the same screen. This is crucially important for an efficient use of categories and folders, and it’s a short-coming for many note-taking apps where users reach their folders in a separate page.

Task notes

Users can create task items with checkboxes, thus keeping track of their tasks on any given subject.

Copying Links Into Preferred Notes

Users can share any link directly into their preferred notes. This is really important for people who like to collect and organize links, the archiver types. 

Calculator note 

Users can make unlimited and separate calculations in one page, keep records of their calculations, and comment on them line by line on adjacent fields.

Ability to merge notes

Notagenda is maybe the only note-taking app available where you can merge your notes. This is really handy for people frequently taking short notes on specific subjects and having plenty of unorganized notes.

Enhanced sorting options

Users can view their notes in different orders, including searching and listing in a date range.

Effective-powerful search

Users can find their notes from words or subjects they remember. This also works in password-protected notes.

One click access to Google Lens application

Letting users use OCR technology. You can scan any text from a document via Google Lens and directly paste the text to your note.

A functional widget 

Users can view their notes pinned on today and easily (one-click) access the application and some of its functions.

Data Protection

Users’ data is protected by 128-bit AES encryption. You can back up all your data and store it inside your phone, tablet or computer.

Password Protection

Users can define a password or pin for their notes for further privacy protection.

One-time payment

Notagenda gives lifetime license to ad-free usage once the payment is completed. Users will be able to use any new updates or improvements without any additional payments.

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