Numerical Problems for Running Noah


Running Noah, developed by Useappility, is one such game that combines the notion of multiplication into a game that helps students improve their skills.

Fluent recollection of multiplication tables remains a vital prerequisite to the success of any student. Without the instantaneous, sound knowledge of these tables can, to a large extent, slow down the mathematical progress of the student. Although the game is one which is fun and provides a substantial amount of entertainment, the educational aspect creates an opportunity for students to make use of, improve, and expand their reasoning and understanding of mathematics. Through this, students can explore mathematical ideas, notice new relationships, patterns, and strategies.

As the main character, Noah, is walking between islands, players must answer multiplication questions quickly enough so that a bridge between the islands is built for his path. If players fail to correctly answer the question, Noah does not cross the island to get to his boat. Through this, players develop tactics which benefit the fast remembrance of multiplication tables in a way that is engaging as opposed to simply trying to memorize the tables. The imaginary perspective, as well as emotional construct of the game, helps in promoting the engagement and motivation of players. Running Noah provides ensures players utilize their knowledge of times tables in building bridges so as to assist Noah to get to the stranded animals. With time against the player, the only weapon is the player’s multiplication skills and thinking speed.

Even though the game is about practice, it may appear to be repetitive for those who quickly become good at multiplication. If this occurs, Running Noah will not be as engaging as for those who are just learning. To ensure that this does not happen, the game contains forty-eight levels which are divided into four episodes with difficulty increasing after every level and multiplication problems of up to 12X12. There are 144 bridges to be built and 48 different animal species to be saved in Running Noah. Furthermore, players who become skillful are able to increase their score and rank on the international leaderboard.[sc name=”quote” text=”Running Noah is one such game that couples math with a fast pace environment in order to apply their multiplication knowledge in a beneficial way.”]

The release of many mathematics games has occurred with the aim of making learning various concepts interesting. Running Noah is one such game that couples math with a fast pace environment in order to apply their multiplication knowledge in a beneficial way. Playing mathematical games such as this will facilitate strategic thinking as students seek various problems solving strategies and improve their understanding of multiplication.

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