Overwatch 2: Bastion Gets A New Ability And Ultimate, But Loses Self-Repair

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Bastion is getting a new look in 'Overwatch 2.'

Blizzard Entertainment

During the 2021 Overwatch League Grand Finals, the Overwatch team revealed what changes are coming to Bastion in Overwatch 2. As well as a deeper look at the redesign we clasped our eyes on recently, the team Bastion’s rework.

Bastion’s primary fire has no spread, so which is good for players with strong aim, but there’s a reduced fire rate to compensate for that.

Bastion has a new ability called Tactical Grenade bound to right click or alternate fire. It can bounce off of surfaces and stick to enemies, dealing explosive damage with a large radius.

Not only that, but Bastion has a new ultimate. Instead of turning into a tank, they’ll have a weapon called Artillery Strike at their disposal. You’ll be able to drop in three artillery shells from above anywhere on the map, as long as it’s within the time limit. Think of it as a kind of blend of Configuration: Tank and Doomfist’s Meteor Strike. The shells are projectiles, so you might be able to block or deflect them. You’ll want to avoid them, as a direct hit can cause 600 damage (300 impact, and 300 explosive).

Lastly, the omnic will now be able to move while they’re in Sentry/turret mode. Bastion will be slower in this form than in the standard Recon mode. It’s also an ability with a cooldown, so you won’t be able to stay in Sentry mode for an entire round when Overwatch 2 arrives.

It was inevitable that Bastion would be in line for significant changes. With one fewer tank to mitigate their damage output, Bastion couldn’t stay as they are now. It’ll take some getting used to, but the changes could be for the better, and we could see less of the dreaded pirate ship and bunker compositions.

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