Paris The Right Way

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Paris - the city of lights. A place of wonderment, beautiful people and places and... quite a bit of confusion.

How are you supposed to know where to go to find all the amazing things that Paris has to offer without the help of your friendly phone?

Below are five apps for anyone planning a trip to Paris:

Food Lover’s Guide to Paris (iOS)

Food Lover’s Guide to Paris is exactly what it say in the name a guide to the best food in Paris, reviewed and put together by a team of experts who know all there is to know about Paris and especially its food culture. Easily search by category to find the best places to eat, use filters to narrow down your results by price and location. Check out reviews and view pictures of restaurants before booking a table and using the handy in-app map to navigate your way to your chosen food heaven. The app also contains a super handy glossary for all of those foreign food words you don’t understand.

Hipmunk Travel Search (iOS, Android)

Hipmunk Travel Search makes your trip to Paris possible, with extensive flight and hotel searching bringing you results from across the internet so that you can easily compare and book your dream holiday with minimal effort. With the help of the friendly Hipmunk you can view all available flights and compare different prices and in flight facilities because Hipmunks powerful search engine pulls information from so many different sites you no longer have to search through each airlines site trying to find the best deal. Hipmunk is also there to help you book just the right hotel, allowing you to easily compare prices, reviews and location, so that your holiday is all that you ever dreamed it would be.

Radio France Internationale (iOS, Android)

For those who like to truly immerse themselves in a culture when they go away it is worth checking out Radio France Internationale, broadcasting from Paris and covering everything from the latest news to cultural shows there is something for everyone. The app itself features a beautifully modern design, somewhat similar to Apple music, making it a pleasure to use and easy to navigate. The app also offers an on-demand feature meaning that you can easily catch up on shows that you have missed.

LV City Guide (Android)

LV City Guide is your number one all-round guide to Paris, looking for a restaurant, a bar for a quick drink or even for information on attractions that are close by, LV City Guide has your back. One of the best things about LV City Guide is how simple it is to use, tap to search and watch in amazement as the closest restaurants, sights and more appear before your eyes. Pick your location and LV City Guide provides you with all the information you need right down to opening hours and exact distance from your current location.

Velib App Officielle (iOS, Android)

Velib is a must have app for any tourist that plans on navigating their way around Paris by bike, Velib Metropole is the largest bike sharing service in Europe and even offers electric bikes. With the app you can find your nearest docking station, making it super easy to pick up and drop off your bike. The app also includes handy routes that are recommended for cycling so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a new city.

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