Animal Lovers: Here Are Five Amazing Pet Apps Made for You

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Having a pet provides companionship and above all, they help reduce loneliness. However, we could all use some help learning how to be a good pet owner. Not to mention, your pet needs proper care to stay healthy and active all his life. Fortunately, there are many apps that can help you become a perfect pet owner and give your dog what he deserves.

From veterinary care, nutrition, and grooming to getting social with local dogs, there are plenty of apps available to help you serve your pet in the best possible way.

It can be really challenging to sift through particular apps when you have so many options. You don’t need to worry as we have done this work for you. Below, we’ve collected five apps that don’t require you to be technically savvy to download and use them. Let’s get to know how you can make your pet’s life more satisfying, engaging, and less complicated with these apps. (All links and pricing are accurate as of the date of publication.)

1. Vitus Vet

This app is perfect to access the medical records of your pet anywhere and anytime.

For example, if you are in an emergency and trying to recall the name of a particular medication your pet is allergic to, you can simply find it on the Vitus Vet app. It is literally a lifesaver in such conditions. It is trusted by pet insurance carriers. They use this app to submit claims and medical history right from their smartphone. It’s free, easy, and fast.

2. Pet First Aid

For a perfect pet owner, it’s necessary to carry basic first aid for your dog. However, if you find yourself in an emergency, then having the American Red Cross Pet First Aid app can facilitate help when your friend really needs it.

This pet first aid app has a clean layout with clear videos and photos explaining all the basic ailments and health setbacks your pet can experience. You can also proactively search for material that will serve you well in preventive care and maintaining your pet’s health.

In an emergency situation, there are helpful instructions as to what to do to give your pet the best medical care. There are also different emergency tools that can guide you to the nearest veterinary hospital. Of course, you really don’t want to be in such a situation! However, having this app downloaded on your mobile phone is a necessity that every pet owner should consider.

3. BringFido

You can’t really think of leaving your home without your canine companion. That being the case, this is the best app for all pet lovers who love to hit the road with their pets.

BringFido helps you find pet-friendly campgrounds, parks, beaches, and hotels all over the world. You can even book a room to confirm your reservation before you leave your home.

Moreover, this app also facilitates finding the cheapest pet-friendly hotels so you don’t stress over comparing the prices of different hotels. Additionally, BringFido alerts you to upcoming dog events and different pet-friendly stores, walkers, sitters, vets, and groomers in your area. This app is free for both Android and iOS devices.

4. Petcube

Giving treats to your pet is a rewarding moment. We know seeing your dog enjoying himself makes you happy as well and relieves your own stress.

However, when you are away from home, you may miss their slobbery furry faces. This is where the Petcube app comes into play. It contains a camera and treats dispenser to help you stay in touch with your dog while you are not near them.

The camera of the Petcube is designed to monitor your pet while other cameras include treat dispensers. You can trigger these cameras from anywhere. With Petcube, you can talk to your pet through the speaker and microphone integrated into the Petcube device.

As a result, it’s actually fun connecting with your pet and rewarding them when they do something as instructed. The accompanying app is easy to use. It represents perhaps the best way to stay connected with your dog.

5. Whistle Pet Tracker

It’s surely one of the worst nightmares for pet owners when they experience a runaway dog or cat. Whistle Pet tracker can provide you with relief as you struggle to locate your missing friend. All you need to do is attach a GPS tracker to the collar of your pet and keep an eye on their movement using this app on your tablet or smartphone.

This app also sends you an alert if your pet is wandering outside of “its whistle zone.”

Apart from this, there are many handy features such as tracking the pet’s daily activity and setting up reminders for feeding time and vet appointments. You can also share all the info with friends, family, and caretakers when you add them to the app account.

This app is free for all Apple and Android devices. You only need to invest in the pet GPS tracker which costs approximately $80. For peace of mind, this might prove a worthwhile investment.

All these apps help you take better care of your pet. Whether you are traveling or hanging out with friends, these pet apps ensure a better life for both of you.

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