No Whammies! Press Your Luck iOS Game

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This article will lead you to get no whammies on the Press Your Luck iOS Game! It includes a story and memories growing up, the iPhone game, and more.

The Game and Story

Story Time

I have many fond memories from growing up a child of the 80s, and in between sleeping with my Cabbage Patch Doll and counting my Garbage Pail Kids, nothing sticks out more in my mind than shouting “big bucks, big bucks, no whammies, STOP!” at my babysitter’s house as I pounded on her shag-carpeted floor. I dreaded that naptime would come without getting to hear the hysterical cackle of the eclectic whammies.

Found the Game

So when I stumbled across the Press Your Luck iPhone game ($2.99) in the iTunes App Store, it was a no-brainer choice to download. The iPhone game is an identical version of the beloved game show, complete with the crazy Vegas-style big board and mischievous Whammy! animations. The game play begins just like the TV show, with a competition to answer questions first, before the other players, in order to collect the most spins.

How to Play

Then, the amusing game play begins. When it’s your turn to spin, touch the big board to land on money and not the dreaded whammies. Keep going to press your luck for more money, or pass your spins to avoid landing on a Whammy! and going broke.

Pick your custom avatar and change their hairstyle and wardrobe to match your mood. You can play by yourself against the game or play in “party mode,” this iPhone game’s version of pass and play. One thing the game is missing that other games of its caliber have is the capability to play over a Wi-Fi connection against others nearby who have the game installed.

How I Play

I play on an iPod Touch, but I can imagine the graphics are even more stellar and better suited for iPad play. Also, users in the iTunes App Store were complaining of the game freezing, but that has never happened for me.

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