Protecting Your iPhone With These 6 Types of Security Apps

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Apple is known for first-rate security built into their operating systems. Their sandboxing method restricts the access of all apps to limited directories, making it nearly impossible to succumb to a security threat. However, ‘nearly' is the operative word here.

As the world of technology is always advancing, nothing can be deemed completely safe. Additionally, this false sense of security encourages users to forget about physical theft or risked posed by shared networks.

These six app types are all valuable additions to your device. They each target a variety of security threats, which adds extra protection to prevent the worst from happening.

Password Management

Everyone knows that a strong password is essential for top security. All apps should use a different code, and each must include a variety of symbols and cases. However, security demands are getting so complex that it can be impossible to remember combinations for the numerous accounts we use – and writing them all down in a notes app just defies the point!

Password management apps are a fantastic concept. They create a digital vault for you to store all your sensitive data. Not just restricted to app passwords, you can also input credit card details, names, addresses and any other secret information. Industry leaders, such as 1Password and LastPass, also allow you to generate strong log-in credentials and automatic input – so you never have to worry about passwords again.

A Virtual Private Network

No matter what device you use, inbuilt security features can rarely protect you from open networks. These convenient yet treacherous hotspots are some of the worst culprits for cybercrime, as they provide no protection between connected users. Not only do hackers lurk on public WiFi, but they also set up rogue hotspots, created specifically to farm your data. Connecting to the wrong network could result in a severe security breach.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have become extremely popular among internet users for their ability access blocked content and – more relevantly – increase security. By creating a proxy connection, they allow a layer of complete encryption before you reach the open server. Because of this, you can browse anonymously and securely. There are many great VPNs which can be set up on iPhone simply and quickly. Secure Thoughts details some of the best on the iOS market.


The official statement has long been that there are no viruses on iOS due to their sandboxing technique. However, a few bits of malware have trickled through. Due to this, overlooking the use of antivirus software is naive. Right now, the iOS system is a goldmine for hackers, all of whom want to be the first to crack through. This fact means that there’s no guarantee your iPhone will continue to be safe from malware. At this point, being over prepared is essential. Similarly, if you chose to jailbreak your iPhone – as is needed to customize your device – then you forfeit the inbuilt protection and have to be responsible for viruses yourself.

Because of these points, antivirus software for iOS is still a worthwhile pursuit. Plus, the apps often offer handy extra features. For example, Lookout Mobile Security offers support for lost devices and McAfee allows you to lock and store particular photos and files in digital vaults. Both options, like many on the market, are free of charge – so you don’t even need to make an investment.

End-to-End Encryption

For many, security worries go further than the basement hacker after your bank details. Since Edward Snowden’s leaks, government snooping has become a very real worry for internet users. There is no doubt that our online privacy has been severely compromised. Thus, it’s no surprise that so many are trying to protect themselves from these types of breaches; an Orwellian society may be just around the corner!

Since communicating openly and without repercussion online is one of the original core values of the internet, it’s only right that developers are working to uphold this ethos. End-to-end encryption apps provide messenger services in which only the end-users can view the communication. If the data is intercepted, the encryption process provides an extra layer of protection.

There has been a surge of messaging apps of this type lately, but one of the most well-known is WhatsApp. It’s free to download and used internationally as a secure way to communicate.

Device Tracker

iPhones are an incredibly attractive target for thieves; many studies show they’re by far the most stolen device, and can bring in up to $2,400 on the black market. This fact means that physical security is just as essential as virtual security. Practical advice, such as keeping it out of sight and stored in a safe plan, is a good first step. However, there’s more you can do. Apple has a few key apps that will help prevent or reduce the damage caused by theft.

The Find My iPhone feature, once activated, allows you to locate your device remotely. Simply download the app onto another computer or phone, and you can see the missing iPhone placed on a map. The app can also be used to delete all personal information if your phone does fall into the wrong hands.

There is also an activation lock that, once switched on, will ask for your Apple log-in before any other settings can be changed. However, advanced hackers may be able to bypass this lock, so be sure to properly wipe your phone when you realize it’s missing!

Parental Controls

If you have bought an iPhone for your children or you share your device with the family, security is infinitely more important. Protecting your kids from the dangers of the internet requires being in control of the time they spend online. Numerous parental control apps can give you this power.

OurPact is a highly-rated option that offers remote monitoring and access to your children’s device. You can instantly block websites and apps, schedule allowed screen time, access messaging services and even locate them via the geo-location on their device. If you consider this option too intrusive, Screen Time Parental Control provides the core features very effectively. You can schedule screen time and block apps at the click of a button to help them stay safe!

Although iOS has pretty solid inbuilt security features, there’s always room for improvement. These types of apps will add valuable layers of protection. However, be sure upgrade individual apps periodically to stay up-to-date with the vanguard of iPhone security. Similarly, ensure you’re sticking to trusted vendors when making purchases online!

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