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bitforex app

When it comes to cryptocurrency, everyone wants a piece of its pie. However, as the world of cryptocurrency evolves day by day, the information available out there is extremely overwhelming. But there are some applications that help people with managing their cryptocurrency. They can earn massive profits and handle their profiles with just a few clicks. For example, Bitforex App. However, is the app legit? Let’s find out!

Bitforex is a platform that provides people with a place that is safe and professional for cryptocurrency trading. On top of this, users can easily buy different cryptocurrencies using their credit and debit cards (yes, as easy as this sounds).

The Interface of the Bitforex App

According to the experience of users, the Bitforex application has a really convenient interface. Therefore, anyone can learn it within a few days. You will not have to deal with complex a UI that is beyond your understanding. However, when it comes to crypto trading platforms – the interface is not as big of a deal. As people are now concerned more about the security of their assets than the interface.


As far as security is concerned – Bitforex App has differing reviews from people. For example, people who have performed low-value transactions did not face any issues. However, for hefty transactions – people report that it takes a lot of time to go through. On top of this, many users have reported that their transactions do not work most of the time which is a negative point in the court of Bitforex App.

However, the application has solid security features as far as the storage of cryptocurrency is concerned. You can easily store your bitcoins and other altcoins without having to worry about any security breaches. The manufacturers of the application claim that 98% of the assets are saved in offline storage. This is why they are able to keep up with their security. On top of this, when you use the Bitforex app to log in – you will have to go through a 2-factor authentication system that adds up to the security of the application.

Features of Bitforex App

The Bitforex app has a ton of features that sets them apart from the rest. For example, when you have a referral you get a certain percentage off on your transactions. So, if you have a community around you – you save a ton of money using this feature.

Similarly, the bit forex app has more than 100 coins listed on the exchange. This means that you have more than 100 options to explore while trading cryptocurrency (the more, the better).

Similarly, bit forex also has an Eazyswap feature – where users can swap their cryptocurrency without any gas fee. Now, this is a plus point of this platform. As many traders often complain about high gas fees – this completely solves the problem as you don’t have to pay anything to perform the swap.

On top of this, when people use the Bitforex app for trading – they get up to 100x leverage through perpetual contracts. Therefore, for people who are into trading – this feature can do wonders for them as they will be able to increase their balance at a much better rate.


Having a transparent system is crucial when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges. Mainly because – the business of cryptocurrency is already muddled with tons of scams. Therefore, people think 100 times before buying something. However, this is where bit forex falls flat.

The application and the platform itself do not have solid customer service. This is why, whenever users face a problem regarding any of their transactions – they do not know what to do as the customer support is not as responsive.

Comparison with Other Apps

A crucial part of reviewing an application is to compare it to other contenders on the market. When we talk about crypto exchanges and their mobile applications. There are a lot of names that pop up. For example, Coinbase.

When we compare Coinbase to Bitforex – there are a few places where Bitforex falls flat. However, it is because Coinbase and other crypto exchange applications have been on the market for a while. Therefore, Bitforex will require some more time to gain the trust of a wider audience.

Moving on, according to the reviews of customers, the customer support of Coinbase is available 24/7 for live support. Therefore, whenever people face any issues with the application, they know where to look. On the other hand, bit forex lacks in this regard.

Bitforex puts a strong foot forward by launching a mobile application for its platform. However, when we compare it to other applications that are available on the market – Bitforex is not perfect. But, at the base of it – it gets the job done.

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