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Cardinal Blue Software, Inc. is a company that builds applications that allow people to add a fun touch to their social media life. These applications help people create different types of collages, etc. Moreover, these applications are extremely convenient as people use them to edit pictures for different social media applications. However, how good are these worth it? let’s find out!

WOWSHI – Pattern Tale Coloring

WOWSHI is it handy application that allows people to add colorful stickers and washi tape around their pictures. The application is inspired by a Japanese decorative item – the washi tape. The interface of the application is adorned with pastel colors. On top of this, it is also very uncomplicated to maneuver through the application. However, there is a downside to the application. A lot of users have reported that many times the coloring feature of the cardinal apps does not work.

Therefore, WOWSHI – Pattern Tale Coloring requires a few bug fixes.

Pic Collage

It is a useful application for people who love uploading on Instagram. As PicCollage: Grid & Story Maker makes it extremely easy for people to make stories and grids for their profiles.

The application has tons of uncomplicated grid layouts that you can use to create play full layouts using your pictures. On top of this, you can also draw and doodle around your pictures if you are good at it. Similarly, there are features available that can help you cut out photos and edit them in a fun way. Overall, the application gets the job done. However, some uses of reported bugs are related to a few features. The app has crashed a few times as reported by several users.

Selfie Grid

Selfie grid is another famous name when we talk about cardinal apps. As the name suggests, you can create grids using your selfies. The interface of the application is user-friendly. All you need to do is take selfies and create a grid from the options that are available.

On top of this, you can directly share these grids on Facebook or Instagram from the application itself. Therefore, you do not have to save them to your library in order to upload them. However, the app does not have a lot of diversity. There are no other features available other than a retake of the previous shot for the grid. So, you will have to use another app to add more things to your grid.

GIF CAM for Messenger

GIF CAM for messenger by cardinal apps is an entertaining and easy way to convert your pictures and videos into a gif format. Especially if you are a member, this application saves a lot of your time.

Just select the required files that you want to convert into gifs and then edit them according to your taste. After that, you can use them in the messenger app for Facebook. Apart from looking at it from the creator’s perspective, this application is a great way for regular people to interact with their friends in a beguiling manner. You can convert anything from your gallery into a playful GIF and add some oomph to your conversation.

However, according to the reviews of the app, there are a lot of bugs in the application. For example, when you try to convert a picture, a black screen appears for some time. And, the sticker feature also crashes sometimes.

Pic mirror – Fun Photo Editor

Pic mirror is also an engaging picture editing application that can add a twist to your social media profile. The application allows users to create different types of edits from their photos.

For example, a mirroring effect. The app has tons of features that are ready to be explored by users. All you need to do is be creative with your editing style and you can create a viral photograph in seconds.

On top of this, the app allows people to connect the application with their social media apps. Hence when you are done editing an image, you can directly post it to the page without having to save it on the phone. However, like other cardinal apps – Pic mirror also suffers from a few bugs. Other than that, it’s a great and fun application to add to your collection.

The intentions of the Cardinal are clear. They want to build fun apps that people can use to enhance their social media experience. Although the cardinal apps do their job – there are many bugs that users report.

For example, a few features that are advertised by the company regarding each app do not work properly. This aspect is a bit off-putting. However, with a few updates – these apps can become massive hits. Especially WOWSHI – mainly because people are getting inspired by sich pastel aesthetics these days. Especially teenagers. So, there is a huge market that can be accessed once cardinal fixes these minor bugs.

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