9 Amazing Apps to Help Teach Science

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Take a look at some of these amazing apps for teaching science that will help your little scientist learn about the world around them.

You’re raising your child in the hopes that they will like studying and, as a result, will have all the tools they need to succeed later in life. However, even the best child-rearing how-to books and strategies can’t always account for the curve balls that life tosses your way when it comes to adequately fulfilling your child’s curiosity. That’s why using some of the greatest apps for teaching science to children — and nurturing that small seed of knowledge to completely develop and bloom — may be quite beneficial.

They may be young, but small children can be more adept at managing most technology devices than the adults in their lives. Does this sound familiar? Then it only makes sense that we, as parents, take advantage of our children’s growing interest in screen time. We can use it to make early education entertaining, understandable and effective for them. Therefore, have a look at some of these apps for teaching science that will help your little scientist learn about the world around them.

1. Khan Academy – A great, all-around app for teaching science and other things.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization. If you’re unfamiliar with Khan Academy, it’s a free learning resource that includes lessons and follow-along videos from genuine teachers. The official Khan Academy app now gives you access to all of these fantastic features.

2. Toca Lab: Elements – Learn about Science

Toca Boca has a variety of applications with its Dr. Seuss-like world of wonder, but this one is especially good for your small one to learn about science. Your child may experiment with a variety of ingredients. In Toca Lab: Elements they can work with many things and learn to make wonderful creations.

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3. NASA – Science from the Source

For over half a century, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has kept the goal of space travel alive. NASA, which is always one step ahead of the curve, offers an app that is instructive, vast, and full of amazing simulators and galleries.

4. Weather by TinyBop

With this beautiful and fascinating software from TinyBop, Inc., your child can bring practically any weather scenario to life. This software has something for everyone. With it, you can learn to spot warning signs of impending bad weather. In addition, you can learn to construct and play in your own virtual cloud.

5. Plum’s Creaturizer – The App for Getting Creative about Science

Plum’s Creaturizer is a tool that helps people become more creative. This is another entertaining software based on a PBS character. As the name indicates, your kid will be able to create a one-of-a-kind creature. In addition, they will be able to learn about where an animal would reside by identifying particular bodily structures. For example, wings would indicate that the creature can fly.

6. PhET Simulations – The App for Physics Simulation

The Physics Education Technology or PhET Simulations app was developed by the creative brains at the University of Colorado Boulder. This app will teach children and perhaps also adults, a thing or two about physics.

7. BrainPOP Featured Movie – Watch and Learn Science!

This app for teaching science allows your child to choose and watch a short film about a scientific topic of their choice. They are able to do this on a regular rotation with new topics all the time. In addition, they may take a quiz at the conclusion of the film. After that, they can keep track of their scores. In addition, BrainPOP provides a wealth of educational resources on many other topics.

8. Children’s National Geographic Kids – The Interactive Science Magazine App

The National Geographic Kids App, is essentially an interactive version of the renowned magazine. It allows your youngster to explore many things, including science.  They can learn things like what it would be like to live on Mars and explore the colorful world of foreign flags.

9. Explorium: Ocean for Kids – Learn about Underwater Science

Ocean Explorium is a great place for kids to learn about the ocean. The Explorium: Ocean For Kids app, is half kids’ adventure narrative and half facts about oceanography. This science app will have your child hooked (get it?) on uncovering the wonders of the deep.

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