Shadow Ink: taking political jokes on a whole new level

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Have you ever had an idea about a hilarious conversation between Hillary and Trump, or the Pope and Satan that you should definitely make into an awesome comic, but you lacked the necessary Photoshop skills to do so? Are you tired of all those meme creators using poorly cropped faces placed on stick figures drawn in Paint? Do you want something unique? Well, here is the solution for you.

This new application called Shadow Ink allows you to create your own personal, high quality comics with surprising ease. It comes with 14 unique, hand drawn caricatures of celebrities and politicians that are ready to use in one of the 8 built-in comic templates.  Although the available characters include the hottest ones right now, such as Trump, Hillary, or Putin, one must admit that there are many more famous personalities who are worth adding to the app. Luckily, the Cyprus-based developer team promised to draw more and more new characters.

The application is available on iOS for free, and with its roughly 60 Mb size, it is also quite compact. Moreover, it uses the phone’s resources efficiently, and as a result, it runs smoothly on an average quad core smartphone. The application has an intuitive, easy-to-use UI: after choosing the template and the characters of our comic, all what is left is typing the dialogue into the speech bubbles. Once we are done, the app instantly offers us to share our creation on various social media platforms.

After a quick research on other comic and meme generators available on app stores, one must acknowledge that Shadow Ink is one of a kind. Google Play only offers a wide selection of simple rage comic generators and apps that turn your photos into comic-like images. It gets somewhat better on App Store: Comics Head, for example, comes with a wide array of cartoonlike characters and various other art assets. However, it costs $6.99, while Shadow Ink is free. Nevertheless, it must be noted that Shadow Ink is a specialized application, as its focus is limited to comics mocking politicians and celebrities. This makes Shadow Ink completely unique, therefore, it is hard to compare it to any other app on the market.

Someone who is not part of this online subculture might ask what memes and comics are good for. Apart from the entertainment factor, they really do mean a source of news for the younger age groups that consume them. These creations always reflect on the current events of the world, but in a funny and mocking way, which makes them much more enjoyable than the news media. Taking this thought one step further, teenagers and young adults, who usually read these comics, might even look up what actually happened in order to understand the jokes.

In conclusion, Shadow Ink is a powerful application that allows you to create political themed comic strips. It is compact, fast, easy to use, and packed with a generous amount of unique, high quality graphic caricatures of celebrities and politicians. Moreover, it is completely free. Let’s face it, today’s media is full of personalities who are begging to be ridiculed and Shadow Ink seems to be an excellent application for this purpose.

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