The Shoclef Gold App: Easy Home Shopping by Livestream

Shoclef Gold app

Shoclef Gold is an eCommerce live-streaming app that gives users access to luxury designer brands from around the world. It provides a unique shopping experience, making home shopping easier than ever.

The free Shoclef Gold app is available for both Android and iOS. Once the user downloads the app and registers via email, phone, or social media, they can either act as a buyer or a seller.

In consequence, the audience the app addresses are either mid and high-end luxury brands’ representatives that want to increase their sales by reaching customers all around the world or people that are interested in checking out and buying luxury designer products, from women fashion seekers looking for hot deals to men with exigent tastes looking for high-quality electronics or accessories.

The app has three modules that we’ll discuss in more detail below: 

  • Shop Live
  • Live Products
  • Get Live

Furthermore, we’ll also explain some other features and settings of the app, as well as the safe payment methods available for users.

Finally, we will highlight the main benefits that make the Shoclef Gold app stand out.

The Shop Live Module

In the Shop Live module, users can buy products directly while watching livestreams from their favorite brands. This way, they make better shopping decisions.

They can interact with sellers or other buyers via live chat. They can share their feedback and give likes using cool GIFs and emojis, too. Moreover, the private chat offers buyers the possibility to contact the seller privately and discuss their orders, ask questions, or share their feedback or concerns.

Shoclef Gold shop live

If they love the products, they can simply buy them without even leaving the livestream. They just need to enter their shipping address and payment details the first time they make a purchase and reuse them for their next orders if they wish.

Shoclef Gold shop live module

The Live Products Module

In the live products module, the buyers can check out the products from the listing. 

They can filter by category/subcategory, brand, or price. That being said, the category filter provides advanced filtering, allowing users to narrow down the search to find exactly what they are looking for.

Shoclef Gold Live Products Module

Once a buyer has chosen a product, they can select the color, size, or other attributes that are available and either buy it directly or add it to the shopping cart to make the payment later.

The Get Live Module

When a seller or influencer wants to start a live stream, they just need to add a title, a cover photo, select the products that they want to associate with it, and they are ready to go live and engage with their audience. They can showcase their products, review them, share tips and tricks on how to use them, and answer all the questions of their customers and fans. The instant feedback they receive from their audience helps them improve and act upon immediately. It’s never been easier and more fun to create brand awareness, keep a huge audience engaged, and sell high-quality products internationally.

Other Features and Settings

Buyers can view the orders they made, check their statuses, and download the invoices in the buyer dashboard.

Shoclef Gold order

On the other hand, sellers can manage their data in the seller dashboard. In the manage products section, they can add, modify, or delete the products they are listing. In the seller info section, they will enter the address their products are shipped from, as well as the shipping box and shipping courier information, which are necessary for listing products and getting orders.

Shoclef Gold seller dashboard

Moreover, as Shoclef Gold is an international app, users can change their currency, language, or measuring system via the setting section of the app.

Payment Methods

The Payment Methods provided by Shoclef Gold are extremely secure and risk-free. Users can pay via Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even Alipay for a seamless shopping experience.

Why Choose Shoclef Gold?

Here’s what makes the Shoclef Gold app stand out:

  • A unique live shopping experience. Shoppers can see their favorite brands or influencers in action, and sellers can engage directly with their customers and fans, increasing brand awareness and sales.
  • Live chat. Buyers can provide instant feedback or inquiries to sellers, as well as connect with buyers that share the same interests, while sellers can provide clarifications and improve their products or presentation based on the feedback received.
  • High-quality products from the world’s most famous brands at competitive prices.
  • Cheap shipping to more than 150 countries.
  • Various quick and secure payment methods.
  • Cute GIFs and emojis that fly up when users give a like. The developer also promises additional upcoming cool features such as video filters, beatification, AR gestures, and stickers.

Shoclef Gold combines all the above benefits, which makes it a unique shopping app that offers an amazing user experience to both sellers and buyers.

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