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Everyone in NSW is able to use a new vaccine passport system — after a sneaky change was brought in overnight. Here’s how to get it.

Getting your hands on Friday drinks will be a whole lot easier today as people across NSW are be able to use a new vaccine passport system for easy access to shops, pubs and cafes — after a big change was quietly brought in on Thursday.

It means that, for those who have the updated Service NSW app on their phones, they no longer have to trawl through Medicare to find their vaccination certificates when entering a business.

Instead, when they check-in into a business, using the normal QR code method, a green tick will appear to showed they are fully-vaccinated.

Although there was no announcement of the change, which was supposed to be rolling out from Monday, residents in Sydney noticed they could access the new system from Thursday night.

On Friday morning, the state government confirmed it had rolled the changes out for the whole state.

Customer Service minister Victor Dominello described the VaxPass a smart extra service for the six million residents who already use the Service NSW app.

He said that, with restrictions to further ease as the state approaches 80 per cent double vaccination, the integration of the vaccine certificate with the app will make things easier for the people of NSW.

“This is an extra digital service to make life easier for the businesses and customers of NSW as we open back up. NSW is the first jurisdiction in Australia to roll out an integrated QR code solution for displaying vaccination status state wide,” Mr Dominello said.

“When someone visits a venue, they’ll be able to show their green check-in tick and vaccination status simultaneously, saving staff and customers time.

“While integrating the COVID-19 digital certificate on to the Service NSW app will be optional, it will be the by far the easiest and quickest way to prove you’re fully vaccinated.”

The statewide roll out follows a successful regional pilot with clubs, aged-care facilities and taxis in Port Macquarie, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga and Lismore, as well as internal government participants.

How to get it

As the vaccine data sits in the Federal Australian Immunisation Register to integrate

the COVID-19 digital certificate into the Service NSW app you will need to:

• Ensure your Federal MyGov account is linked to Medicare

• Download the Express Plus Medicare app and sign in with your MyGov account details

• Select ‘Proof of vaccinations’ and then ‘View history’

• Select ‘Share with check in app’ and then ‘Service NSW’

The NSW Government has been criticised for not having the passport ready in time for the end of lockdown and originally planned for the pilot to begin on October 6.

Authorities weren’t able to access the immunisation data critical to the trial until a week ago.

There were already three ways to demonstrate the vaccine certificate. You can use the Express Plus Medicare app or the digital wallet on their phone.

People without a smartphone can print a vaccination certificate from their Medicare account or contact Services Australia for a paper certificate in order to prove their vaccination status.

The Service NSW app will include a number of security measures to help compliance officers and businesses with checking and validating a customer’s vaccination status, including a NSW Waratah logo hologram and rotating QR codes, similar to the Digital Driver Licence.

John Green, Director of Liquor and Policing at the Australian Hotels Association NSW, said venue operators were reporting the vaccination status combined with the QR check-in made it easier to check and validate.

“The convenience of having a customer’s vaccination status presented alongside their check-in will allow for a seamless entry and take pressure off venue staff,” Mr Green said. “It certainly makes the process quicker.”

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