Sony Is Making MLB The Show 21’s Diamond Dynasty Mode More User-Friendly

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MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21

Credit: Sony

Like all collector modes, MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty can be pretty intimidating for a newbie. Sony has always taken steps to offer a less scary onboarding process, and it appears they will continue this trend as the series makes its way to the Xbox family of consoles and next-generation systems.

On Tuesday, Sony announced some of the details associated with the upcoming version of DD, and what was already the least-expensive and inviting collector mode has gotten even more fan-friendly.

Take a look at the trailer.

Every Card in the Mode is Available Without Spending

Sony has fought off the urge to implement microtransactions into the fabric of DD, and that approach explains why there are no cards in the mode that can only be had by spending real money.

This strategy removes the “pay-to-win” accusations and brings an old-school, play-to-obtain concept that many gamers wish they could see resurface in other series.

Program Stars Replaced by XP

If you check the 0:34 mark of the video, you’ll get a quick look at a 1st Inning Program. The Program concept isn’t new to The Show, but you may have noticed the XP amount under each stage.

In the new game, players will earn XP for playing any mode, and the screen at the point mentioned above of the video shows what prize is redeemable at each checkpoint.

This sort of system will likely be more comfortable to comprehend and to buy into for gamers.

Stronger Encouragement to Play Offline

The other collector modes in sports games don’t offer many incentives to play offline.

DD has multiple offline options, some of which haven’t been officially revealed, and because users gain XP from playing any mode in the game, the entire system could serve as a consistent motivator to give DD a look.

As long as unforeseen shortcomings don’t handicap the mode, it’s hard to imagine the DD player base not increasing this year.

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