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The Spanish Quest app is a trivia-based game that helps you practice your Spanish while learning some typical Spanish recipes. It’s available for Android and iOS devices.

How does the Spanish Quest app work?

You begin by clicking on the dice on the top left corner, which will show you the squares you’re allowed to move to. Once you’ve chosen a square to move to, click on it to be taken there. You will then answer a question.

Questions, Colors, Categories, and Ingredients

There are six square colors. Each represents a different category of questions:

  • Green: Vocabulary
  • Blue: Grammar
  • Red: Pronunciation
  • Yellow: Comprehension
  • Brown: Culture
  • Purple: The question could be of any of the categories listed above.

Answering a question correctly will give you two things:

  1. A location-based ingredient. For example, if you need fish, you will have to sail for it. Need oranges? Well, the best place for it is the east coast. The best place for seafood would be the west-north. You can find bread and water pretty much all around the map.
  2. A colored wedge of the category chosen will be places on the top right corner.
    Spanish Quest App colored wedge

Completing all the colors will give you the option of choosing any other ingredient.

The In-Game Kitchen

In the free version of the Spanish Quest app, there are three levels: easy, medium, and advanced. You move up to the next level by making two recipes.

Making a recipe works independently from the main game. You have access to this “kitchen” by clicking on the chef’s hat icon.

Spanish Quest App chefhat

Spanish Quest App in kitchen

The two main icons on the top-center of the screen, the cutting board and phone screen, are for changing between the two screens below.

Spanish Quest App chopping board  Spanish Quest App ipad

The first screen shows your obtained ingredients. Search on the iPad on the second screen for recipes containing these ingredients, and move them to the chopping board!

Making two recipes will take you to the next level where you will find more difficult questions and access to more difficult recipes.

Solo or Multiplayer

Playing solo is the easiest way to practice! Just choose “SOLO” from the main menu and start practicing your Spanish.

Spanish Quest App solo menu

If you click on “MULTI-JUGADOR” (multiplayer), you are presented with another screen to create (“Crear partida online”) or join (“Buscar partida online”) an online game.

If no other player is found, you can play against the machine.

The multiplayer option (when it is against human players) has a chat feature! Click on the bubble chat icon below the chef’s hat and you will be able to chat with your opponents.

Just bear in mind that the multiplayer option is time-turn based, so probably the best time to talk to others is when it is not your turn.


From the main menu, there is a settings (“AJUSTES”) screen, where you can:

  • Select your character from 48 existing ones
  • Change the background music and sound volume
  • Enter your name
  • Buy more question packages

Spanish Quest App settings


Also from the main menu, there is an option to see how well (or poorly) you are doing on any particular category.

Spanish Quest App statistics


Background Music

Walking around the Spain map, you will be hearing typical Spanish music from the classical to modern and contemporary. Discover Spanish classic music from Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albeniz, Granados, and modern ones like Alaska, Chimo bayo, Os resentidos, and clubbing tracks.




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