What Does Voice Search Mean for App Development?

Businesses that do not have plans to add voice search to mobile app development in the near future can expect diminishing returns. Here are three reasons why.

Much of the blame for the increasing complexities associated with mobile app development can reliably be placed at the feet of the producers of “Star Trek.” Let’s face it, every generation since the 1960s has grown up with an unspoken expectation. We should be able to merely speak to technology and have it flawlessly do […]

7 Reasons Flutter Became the Best Choice to Develop Startup Mobile Apps

Flutter, released by Google in 2018, was the first cross-platform app development framework and it remains the best choice for developing startup mobile apps.

More than 100,000 apps have been downloaded to hundreds of millions of devices, according to the Flutter community. Why is Flutter so popular for developing startup mobile apps, and why do experts think it’s the way cross-platform mobile app development will go in the future? The gap between Android and iOS platforms is continually being […]