Tech Toys for Christmas Joys

Here are the coolest tech toys to help keep the kids entertained. They range from a build-your-own space station to Harry Potter's Hedwig.

Here are the coolest tech toys to help keep the kids entertained. They range from a build-your-own space station to Harry Potter’s Hedwig.

Technology isn’t required for toys to be enjoyable. And of course, tech shouldn’t be the sole purpose of any toy.

When done correctly, though, technology may take a toy from enjoyable to fantastic. With all of the tech toys recommended here, there is that magical extra aspect.

There are more items for younger children than you might expect. However, this list will help you in finding the ideal gifts for all of the small people in your life.

Circuit Explorer Deluxe Base Station by Educational Insights

While learning the foundations of electrical circuits, kids construct their own interplanetary headquarters. This kit includes everything needed to construct a base station with lights, noises, movements, and even a small astronaut. In addition, there are robot explorers to populate it.

The kit includes a visual guide that explains how to construct the circuits and the remainder of the station. The company also sells two more kits, Rover ($44.99) and Rocket ($34.99), which can be used to build a space empire. Ages 6 to 12; 9 AA batteries required. $47.22 on Amazon.

HeyKube: The tech toy for  “Cubers” who like puzzles.

Although the Rubik’s Cube has been around since 1974, it remains as intriguing — and difficult to solve — as ever.

The HeyKube, though similar to the Rubik’s Cube, adds a smart element to the classic cube puzzle. Scramble it up, and it remembers your moves and guides you through the solution with LED lights and auditory cues. It also comes with 16 pre-programmed patterns that you may learn to solve.

For aspiring developers, there’s even more fun. Using a Raspberry Pi, you may make your own light and sound patterns and games (not included). Ages 8 and up; rechargeable battery. $74.95 on Amazon.

Spin Master Peek-a-Roo: For plush animal fans.

Open the package and let Momma Roo out. She’s a plush kangaroo, panda combo that’s interactive and really cute.

You’ll see movement in her pouch as you play with her. The baby PandaRoo ultimately pops his head out. Both Momma and Baby have a variety of movements and sounds.  In addition, they play games and sing songs. However, parents, be aware that there is no volume control. Ages 5 and up; 4 AA batteries required. $37.97 on Amazon.

The Harry Potter Hedwig Interactive Owl by Spin Master

Fans of Harry Potter will adore Hedwig, Harry’s pet owl, a huge favorite of the plush interactive toys this year.

If you speak quietly to her, she responds with lovely sweet chirps and hoots. Her reactions are unpredictable and lifelike. If you pet her in the wrong manner and ruffle her features, she lets you know she isn’t happy. Ages 5 and up; 3 AA batteries required. $23.79 on Amazon.

The Tech Toy for the Tiny: Thinker-Tinker Octobo Starter Pack

This intelligent plush octopus-bot teaches children while they play. It’s cute all on its own, but when you connect it to a tablet, it comes to life. It plays interactive games, reads stories, and helps your child develop motor skills.

In addition, it helps them learn ABCs, spelling, and more. The Starter Pack comes with Octobo, the Underwater Storybook, six interactive tokens, a play guide, and three apps. An Advanced Pack for older kids, and an Everything Pack with — you guessed it — everything is also available. Ages 4 to 7; 4 AA batteries are required. $119.99 on Amazon.

The Tech Toy for Travel: LeapFrog On the Go Story Pal

For smaller children, this rabbit is an excellent friend. Over 70 interesting stories, poetry, and music are included. Parents can even record themselves reading a story to their children or singing a song for them.

The Story Pal contains a carrying strap and a headphone jack — headphones aren’t supplied — as well as volume control, making it genuinely portable. In addition, LeapFrog toys are also well-made and durable. Ages 3 to 8; 3 AA batteries required. $19.88 on Amazon.

Tech Toy For the Budding Pilot: Flycatcher Smarty JOJO

The Smarty JOJO is a fun combination of a physical toy and digital technology. It helps young children learn colors, shapes, right-and-left, up-and-down, and more.

It’s geared for preschoolers, and well-designed smart toys for that age group are hard to come by. The adorable plane assigns missions to the children, such as “Find something red!” It is zoomed about by the children until it lands on a red object. Smarty JOJO can tell if they got it right or not, and will light up in that hue. In addition, it speaks to the children, encouraging them. Ages 3 to 5. $24.99 on Amazon.

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