The Best Apps All Ghost Hunters Must Have on Their iPhone

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If you’re an avid paranormal investigator roaming haunted houses, dilapidated cemeteries, and ominous, abandoned psychiatric wards in search of spirits prowling around our realm, there’s no need for you to carry around an arsenal of ghost hunting tools when setting out for spooky adventures – just pack  your iPhone, and download these scary good ghost hunting apps. And always be very, very careful!

Ghost Hunter M2

Ghost Hunter M2 was developed by professional engineers, and is said to be the most advanced paranormal investigation toolkit in all known and unknown universes. Ghost Hunter M2 features an EMF instrument measuring magnetic fluctuations with the magnetometer of your Apple device, an Audio Detection Instrument and a Fast Fourier Transform Visualizer analyzing complex audio signals (meaning other-worldly shrieks sending shivers down your spine), a Geoscope magnifying terrainial and sub-terrainial fluctuations so that you can spot zombies trying to sneak attack you by bursting out of their grave, a Spatial Displacement Instrument analyzing the data flowing in from the assortment of the app’s electro-mechanical sensors, a Twilight Instrument turning your Apple device’s camera into an all-seeing eye, an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Instrument delivering bone-chilling spirit voices in both audio and visual format, a Luxscope capable of measuring the most minute changes in the environment’s illuminance, and a Barometer. It very much seems like we’ve kicked things off at the top of the heap, because Ghost Hunter M2 is the undisputed non plus ultra of paranormal investigation toolkits, all the while costing only 99 cents.

Ghost Radar: Legacy

Ghost Radar: Legacy is a spruced up, refined version of Ghost Radar: Classic, a straightforward paranormal app with a simple, functional design. Ghost Radar: Legacy does what its predecessor did: it detects paranormal activity by gathering and analyzing a wide range of data – though it performs its manifold functions at a much higher level, with greater efficiency and precision, and with more style thanks to the fully revamped interface. Ghost Radar: Legacy is capable of translating energy into graphics, words, numeric values, and radar indicators, ensuring that no nearby spirit will slip away unseen. Based on the reviews we’ve read on the AppStore, being daring and curious might uncover bone-chilling secrets – but those secrets are the exact sources of the ecstatic terror each and every paranormal investigator is yearning for. Or maybe most of those reviews are nothing more than clever marketing tricks, who knows. When it comes to ghosts, the answer is never clear.

Demon Detector

Demon Detector differentiates itself from the rest of the field mostly with its name – when you hear demon, you associate it with something much more malevolent and beastly than your average run-of-the-mill ghost. Demon Detector makes use of the sensors built into your Apple device, translating signs of paranormal activity into easy-to-read text, while also displaying electromagnetic anomalies. Demon Detector might be similar to both Ghost Hunger: M2 and Ghost Radar: Legacy, but boasts an undeniably catchy name, and the more investigation tools you use, the better your chances of finding what you’re looking for will be. Keep in mind, though, that finding what you’re looking for is always a perilous proposition, especially when in the frightening case of spirits and demons…

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