The Best Apps to Improve Brain Function and Memory

Elevate – Brain Training (iOS/Android)

As an app that is designed to improve different functions of the brain to include speed, memory, and focus, Elevate is one of the best tools available for those who are looking to enhance their cognitive functions. Through the use of different games which can be played to improve a range of mental skills, training of the brain does not feel as a chore but rather a fun pastime to the player. Furthermore, the app also tracks the performance of the player so that they are able to understand how they are improving over time. As a highly intuitive app, the games are dynamic in difficulty so that it is constantly able to challenge the player and ensure that they are always learning with a high degree of efficiency. With the combination of these features, Elevate is one of the best apps available for improving brain function.

Left vs Right: Brain Games (iOS/Android)

Deviating from memory-based games, Left vs Right: Brain Games is an app that uses a series of games to test cognitive functions such as adaptability, reasoning, and patience. Similarly to Elevate, the app gamifies the learning process so that it does not feel like homework or a mundane task but rather an entertaining pastime. As a highly effective app to improve brain function, it is recommended by medical professionals who understand the potential for the game to help users perform better mentally over time. By offering 6 different categories which users are able to select, players can get a wide range of practice for cognitive functions so that they are simply not just improving only one aspect of mental performance. Through the wide range of functions that are offered through the app, Left vs Right brain is an app that enables users to improve a series of cognitive functions over prolonged usage.

Fit Brains Trainer

For a more sustainable brain-training app, Fit Brains Trainer is an app that has daily exercises which are designed to help users build higher IQ and cognitive abilities over time. With over 60 different games that cover the major brain functions, users are able to get a comprehensive learning experience that stimulates their ability to learn and memorize. Designed by neuroscientists, Fit brains Trainer aims to leverage scientific research to create the most effective tool that improves all aspect of thinking. For example, the app allows users to play games that relate to memory and focus while also allowing for the development of emotional intelligence which is an aspect that other apps fail to offer. Furthermore, instead of only focusing on the performance of the user, Fit Brains Trainer lets players compare their performance to others in the community for greater visibility on how they are performing overall. As a highly comprehensive tool that can be used to boost cognitive and emotional intelligence, the app is one that is highly broad in what it is able to offers its users.

Memorado Brain Training Games (iOS/Android)

Instead of being a tool that offers games for a range of brain functions, Memorada Braining Training Games is an app which is solely dedicated to memory and focus. With this, users play a series of games that are designed to improve their memory over a prolonged period of time. Once a user initially starts the app, they are able to set goals for themselves in terms of how much they want to improve their memory by and by how long. After this is done, playing the games on a regular basis is designed to improve the players memory and focus on the level that they have specified in their goals. To track the effectiveness of the app, users can then refer to the tracking page which shows how well a player is performing over time and where they can further improve. For those who are looking for a simple tool that can be used to improve memory and focus, Memorada Brain Training Games is a tool that is perfect for setting goals, playing, and tracking performance.

Lumosity – Brain Training (iOS/Android)

One of the most common names in the educational apps space is Lumosity which hosts a series of games that are designed to increase cognitive and brain function. Regarded as a highly effective tool, the app has 30 games that are extremely captivating so that the learning process is gamified and entertaining. With the ability to track and monitor performance over time, players are able to see if they are improving and ultimately build habits that help these cognitive functions. As Lumosity tracks the daily activity of the player, users can see how consistent they have been over time in doing the exercises and ultimately develop learning habits which are designed to foster greater brain function such as memory and focus. As one of the most effective apps in the educational space, Lumosity is a highly recommended tool to be used by those who want to efficiently train their brain to become more powerful.

For those who wish to use the phone to improve their brain function and memory, the apps listed in this article are able to enhance mental performance while on-the-go. From apps which train the brain to increase memory and speed to others which help to increase reasoning and patience, the combination of these tools together can provide a strong foundation for enhancing overall brain power.

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