The Best Brain Training Apps You Must Have on Your iPhone to Keep Your Brain in Top Form

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The older you get, the more crucial it is to do everything to keep your brain in top form, although it is definitely never too early to incorporate some cerebral maintenance into your daily routine. This rings especially true today, when the internet serves an abundance of information on a silver platter on everything from the life expectancy of manatees to the estimated net worth of Al Capone, rendering the use of particular areas of our brain less and less necessary. Even if your studies or your day job require intense intellectual activity, you might be neglecting certain parts of your mind while overworking others, which is almost guaranteed to result in varying degrees of cerebral imbalance. To assist you in avoiding said imbalance and in keeping your brain in its best possible shape, we have put together a compilation of the best brain training apps you must have on your iPhone.

Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is an all-in-one brain training app featuring dozens of games targeting the six major areas of your intellectual capabilities: concentration, memory, problem solving, speed of thinking, visual-spatial, and language. Moreover, it also boosts your EQ (also known as Emotional Intelligence) by focusing on a quartet of crucial qualities: social skills, self-awareness, self-control, and social awareness. Fit Brains Trainer boast a system consisting of over 60 games, more than 500 workout sessions, and in-depth performance reports to track your output and progress and get a feel of what you need to improve on. Getting access to the full spectrum of the aforementioned training system requires a subscription, but if you’re planning on taking brain training seriously that won’t hold you back – especially because Fit Brains Trainer has been the number one education app in over 90 countries.


Brought to you by the scientist and designer of Lumos Labs, a team striving to take brain training and cognitive research to the next level, Lumosity creates a tailor-made daily program from a selection of over 25 cognitive games to challenge your brain and keep it in top form. Lumosity has 70 million plus users worldwide and also happens to be a commonly used tool in cognitive research at universities all over the globe, so rest assured that the amount you’re paying for your Lumosity subscription will not be money wasted and at least a part of it will support a scientific cause.


Elevate your cognitive skills! This award-winning brain training app – selected the 2014 App of the Year by none other than Apple – features more than 35 games fine-tuned for boosting a variety of cognitive capabilities including memory, comprehension, precision, and focus. With Elevate, you can personalize your daily workout routine in accordance with your specific brain training needs. Thanks to the detailed performance tracking, you can track your results, while the adaptive difficulty progression feature ensures that your brain training apps remain challenging and completing them skyrocket your cognitive skills and confidence.


Developed in close cooperation with some of the brightest minds in neuroscience, cognitive science, and education, Peak, chosen as the Best App 2014 in more than two dozen countries, features over 40 mind-twistingly challenging games aimed at taking your cognitive skills – creativity, mental agility, emotion control, problem solving, memory, coordination, attention, and language – to the next level and beyond. By subscribing to Peak Pro, you’ll get unlimited access to the entire assortment of brain training games, receive personalized workout plans and in-depth evaluations to review your performance and learn which areas you have to focus on.

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