The Best Classic Games on Mobile (Part 2) – It’s A Me, Super Mario and Friends!

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While games are more lifelike than ever in terms of graphics, speeds, and even virtual reality, many classical games still resonate with us. Now, many of those games have made the leap to mobile so that we take them on and play them wherever. With so many available, we’ve got two lists of great titles to choose from. Here’s our second round of picks for the best, most timeless games of yesteryear.

Classic Kong (iOS/Android)

One of the most iconic and classic games is Classic Kong which has users climbing ladders to rescue the princess while simultaneously dodging obstacles. Although the game is initially extremely easy so that players can get a solid grasp on how to play, Classic Kong progressively gets harder with every level that the user passes so that there is more of a challenge. While the original version of the game was on the Nintendo Game Boy, the simplicity of the controls are also replicated on the mobile versions as there are only several buttons on the screen so that the visual elements are not covered with the buttons. As a simple game that closely resembles the original version that many people are familiar with, it is a game that is highly recommended for those who wish to play one of the original classics on a mobile device.

Super Mario (iOS/Android)

As one of the most popular games known around the world, Super Mario has gone through multiple iterations over years to encompass mobile, console, and even desktop games. While each version has its own different tweaks, the mobile version is one of the best versions as users can utilize the gyroscope for various minigames. With simple controls and the ability to play as other characters that are popular in the Mario world, one of the best features of the mobile version of Super Mario is that there is a multiplayer aspect to the game to introduce a social component instead of it being only a single player game as with previous versions. This means that players are able to compete with one another around the world to accumulate points and get to the top of the leaderboard. With all of these features that couple together the old version of Super Mario as well as introducing new components such as the multiplayer aspect, the game is one that is great for any gamer thanks to years of iterations perfecting it.

Pinball (iOS/Android)

A game that is extremely easy to understand and play without the need for many instructions is Pinball which requires that a user use two paddles to keep a ball from falling between a gap in order to accumulate points. Although simple, the game is one that is very visually stimulating and can be extremely captivating to play. With leaderboards, high scores, and various themes that can be selected, users can experience the same game in different modes to keep it interesting. Furthermore, although the controls on Pinball are typically very repetitive, the animations and graphics that are displayed on the screen make it more appealing to play for a long period of time. For those who are extreme fans of Pinball, an extension for iPads can be purchased which adds the buttons to the side of the iPad that more closely resembles the actual feel of a Pinball machine. For those who are looking for a visually stimulating pastime, Pinball is a game that has successfully transferred from the arcade to the mobile device which introduces additional visual elements to make it captivating.

Retro Snake (iOS/Android)

One of the oldest electronic games that has been played on both consoles and the early generations of mobile phones is snake which requires users to control a “snake” on the screen in one of 4 directions to reach a certain dot. Once this dot has been reached, another one will randomly appear on the screen and users must continue to pursue these dots until there is no more room on the screen without overlapping itself. Although a simple game that is initially easy, once the snake becomes longer, it is extremely difficult to navigate without overlapping over itself. For those who are looking for a dose of nostalgia from when phones still had the 12-digit buttons for dialing as a means of typing, Retro Snake is a must-have that combines the simplicity of a low pixel density screen to a new digital age. With high scores, various difficulties and controls, vibrations, themes, and sounds, players are able to closely replicate the nostalgia of classic Snake from “ancient” mobile devices.

Arcade Racing (iOS/Android)

A popular game that is extremely popular in many arcades is racing-based games that has a user controlling a steering wheel and pedals to replicate the sensation of racing. In the realm of mobile gaming, users are able to recreate many of the similar motions that they would have experienced in an arcade racing game.  For example, the steering of the car can be done by using the gyroscope of the phone to feel like steering. Furthermore, coupling the mobile device with a physical steering wheel can further the experience of gripping an actual steering wheel. With the option for multiplier, various modes, better graphics, and faster response times, the mobile version of an arcade racing game is significantly more enhanced and offers a longer period of entertainment as users have more game modes to choose from. For those who are seeking a classic look and feel of arcade style racing games, the ones listed in this article are able to greatly resemble the classics that are offered through many arcades.

With the movement towards extreme realism in games that closely resembles real life, this article reveals the apps which are older in origin but have transitioned to the mobile space. Despite these games being relatively old and considered to be classics, the innovations and creative additions to them have reinvented the games to make them more entertaining while still maintain the traditional look and feel of the original versions. Introducing new elements as well as the core components of the original version, these games have gone through a major evolution that makes them enjoyable despite being old compared to newer games.

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