The Business Suit: Tips to Help You Dress to Impress

The Business Suit: Tips to Help You Dress to Impress

Every business has a dress code. Some places like fast food restaurants have company uniforms. Other places are more casual where the employees can wear what they want. But then, as you get into higher places like business, politics, and finance, you will see everyone dressed in business clothing. Men have the business suit. They wear it the entire time with little to no change in what clothes they wear. In a way, being a business-oriented person, business wear is their uniform. For young entrepreneurs out there, that may sound a little dull. Wearing the same clothes five to six days a week for the next thirty, forty, or fifty years?

While the suit and tie method might be the only thing you will be wearing for most of your life, that isn’t a bad thing. Instead, the business suit can be quite pleasing to the eye if you know how to pull it off properly.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a fashion guru with years of experience. Instead, there are simple and easy ways to make a business suit always look good on you.

Make the Business Suit Suit You

Wearing a suit all day can get a little tiring after a long day at the office. Wearing pants and long sleeves can be uncomfortable if there is poor airflow in the building. Not to mention that having a tie around your neck can feel suffocating.

What you want to do is make sure that the suits you wear fit you. Dress comfortably, but that doesn’t mean to dress like a slob. You are a professional person and you want to showcase yourself. Having a comfortable and fitting suit is important. Consider going to a tailor to get the exact measurements for a comfortable suit.

Pay Attention to the Details of Your Business Suit

When it comes to the suit, there are several pieces to it that make it all come together. When presented in a crisp, clean suit, you will look like a million bucks. But, if you have a wrinkled, stained, missing buttoned suit, then you look like you belong in the dollar bin.

Make sure everything on you looks perfect. Your tie needs to be knotted correctly and peeking out from the collar. Your buttons need to be in the corresponding hole, the shoes need to be shined, and your suit: be flawless.

Those who come in contact with you will pay attention to the details about you. Nothing wrong with everyone calling you detail-oriented!

There is More Than Just the Suit

While this article details what men need to know about business suits, there is more to it. Like stated above, your business suit needs to have attention to detail. But, that doesn’t mean just the suit.

You need to consider the following:

  • Cleaning your teeth
  • No bad breath
  • Trimmed or shaved facial hair
  • Professional Haircut
  • Skincare
  • Clean and trimmed nails
  • Body odor

A nice suit is good and all, but if you can’t do the above, then people will notice you for all the wrong reasons. Be sure that you don’t lack in other areas. Everything about you needs to be taken care of.

The Color of the Business Suit

A bright yellow suit may not be the best business wear to have while at work. Instead, consider the normal business suit colors of black or blue. These are classics that never fail to impress. However, you might be one who has independence or flair about them. While neons and patterns are not necessary, using other colored suits like gray, brown, olive, caramel, and red shows that you want to stand out.

But be careful, every business has its own dress code. You may want to pick and choose when which colors are appropriate.

Be Recognizable

There are certain ways to make yourself stand out in a sea of suits. It is the execution that is crucial to it. Men can have their personalities come through in their accessories. As long as everything is appropriate for work then you can show off your individuality with the following:

  • Satchel, bag, or briefcase
  • Jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces,
  • Socks and ties


A suit is crucial to high-ranking places in the business industry. But, just because that is the normal wear for men doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

You can dress comfortably and add style and flair to give off your own individual personality. A suit is a great way to impress but remember, your work is more important than your fashion sense. But, having the combo of dressing to impress and being a dedicated worker, well, will get you quite far in life.

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