The Top New Dating Apps to Use in 2021

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Dating has never been easy. While finding your perfect match will always be a challenge, it’s a task made easier thanks to technology. Dating apps allow individuals to make more connections than ever and enjoy the experience along the way.

What started with just a handful of apps has since branched out into a whole arsenal of dating platforms. Knowing which app to download is now half the battle. If you’re still struggling to make a decision, check out this list of dating apps that are set to take off in 2021.

1. Snack

Snack is geared toward Gen Z’ers and combines the best qualities of some of the best social platforms and dating apps to create a unique online dating experience for the rising generation. Using a video platform to express themselves, users are encouraged to get creative with how they put themselves out there when pursuing online dating. 

Scroll instead of swipe and enjoy the creative content of other users while looking for your next connection. The app is currently only available on Apple devices but has plans to expand to Android this summer following an extremely successful round of funding. Snack’s video-first mentality is already a hit with users and is expanding online dating in a new and exciting way. 

2. Monet

Named after the famous French painter, Monet incorporates art into the dating experience. Instead of matching with others based on doctored profiles, you’re paired with dates based on your drawings. It’s a fun way to break the ice by avoiding rough conversation starters and cliche pick-up lines. 

Monet has drawn a crowd of Gen Z’ers looking for more creative ways to pursue online dating while also compiling a larger percentage of female users looking to escape the drudgery of traditional dating apps. Early reviews and statistics bode well for Monet, showing that a dating approach built on creativity and fun will win over both users and hearts. 

3. Kippo

Video games make up a lot of relationships in today’s world. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing youth indoors, online games provide a way to connect and pass the time even with people across the world. If you’re looking to tie the knot with a fellow gamer, Kippo is the app for you.

Start by adding your favorite games to your Kippo profile so you’ll connect with people who enjoy the same games. You can also use their revolutionary card system to display your personality in a way only a gamer can. Once you make a connection, log onto a game together and level up your dating.

4. Curtn

What makes most people hesitate when it comes to online dating is knowing how authentic people are online. Curtn aims to bring an honest and real dating experience to its users by introducing video profiles. 

In addition to static photos, users are encouraged to record short videos of themselves answering simple questions. Describing your perfect date or your biggest pet peeve is a fun way for others to get to know you before making a connection. 

5. Xo

Instead of matching up with others to play video games, play games that match you up with others. Xo uses short interactive games to build connections. Friendly competition through quizzes, word games, and drawing contests is a great ice breaker when it’s all said and done. 

While online dating can be an awkward experience, these little games take the edge off and make it easy for users to log in again and again. Even if your first few virtual dates don’t pick up off the ground, you can share your quiz results and drawings to social media to laugh it off with your friends. 

6. Tastebuds

People relate to music more than just about anything else. Certain songs, artists, and soundtracks provide access to memories and deep emotions unattainable through other means. Having someone to share music tastes with is the start of a good relationship.

If you want to make sure your significant other is chill with your road trip playlist, tune into Upload your favorite songs, musicians, and albums and immediately connect with those with similar tastes. Use this platform to find new music and connect over one of life’s greatest joys. 

Try out one or more of these dating apps until you find the platform you’re most comfortable with. Once you’re settled in, you can start looking for that special someone or simply enjoy all the new friends and connections you make along the way.

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