These high quality new mobile apps have staying power

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It seems that thousands of mobile apps are released every week, but most of them will have little to no appeal for the casual smartphone or tablet owner. Here are some of the newer or recently updated iOS and Android apps that are highly functional and could very well become mainstays on your device’s home screen.

Yahoo! Weather (iOS, Android Free)

Yahoo! Weather provides weather data galore, radar data and beautiful photos to go with it. Typically, weather apps are barebones, but Yahoo! has done a fine job breaking the stereotype with Yahoo! Weather, which is one of the most beautiful and visually appealing mobile apps. For a start, it includes big, beautiful photos (pulled from Flickr) to go with its weather forecasts. You get the kind of data you expect – temperatures, precipitation, and so on – as well as live radar feeds, extended outlooks, interactive heat maps, satellite feeds, and sunrise and sunset times. The app’s design is breathtaking and condenses all pertinent weather report information on one scrollable page.

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Sketchbook Ink (iPad, Android tablets $4.99)

Turn your iPad or Android tablet into a drawing pad with Sketchbook Ink, developed by the reputable Autodesk Inc. team, which includes a number of powerful tools for creating detailed artwork on your mobile devices. Once you download Sketchbook Ink, you’ll have a full art kit at your fingertips, without any of the hassle of actually procuring art supplies. The app includes features like the ability to work on multiple layers, a color editor to create custom swatches, multiple presets for line weights, the ability to zoom in and out and more. You can save your Sketchbook projects and return to them later, or export them through email, Dropbox or an SD card so that you can access them on your other devices.

One Today by Google (Android Free)

Google may be a company hell bent on taking over the entire world, but it’s always quite possible that they’ll be benevolent and merciful new overlords, ushering us into a new age of peace and prosperity! At least, that’s what you might conclude thanks to their new app One Today by Google. Probably the most noble app to be put out by such a massive company, One Today brings a different nonprofit group or project to your attention every single day, and asks that you donate one single dollar to the cause, hopefully sharing that donation with social media and getting larger chunks of change to the people who are trying to make the world better. We’re all philanthropists in Google’s new world order!

SendHub: Free Business Phone (iOS, Android Free)

SendHub from InfoReach is the latest in a long line of apps that seek to make business communications easier, while also keeping your personal number as personal as possible. Offering a voice over internet alternative phone service, you can make a free business line in any area code, text and call right from the app, plus enjoy nifty features like call forwarding, group texting, voicemail, and the rest. It’s also got a few bugs skittering about in its system, but it works quite well as is, and is definitely a great place to look if you want to keep your business and personal lives separate.

Skitch (iOS, Android Free)

Evernote, the software suite for organizing and note-taking, has really outdone themselves with the latest update to their Skitch mobile app, which is for making collaborative annotations to documents and images. Skitch’s recent April update adds a “Summary” feature that lets you see all the annotations on a particular document, among other features. In order to remain trendy, Skitch also includes the ability to add stickers and text to PDF files. When you’re done, you can send your annotated documents either through email or through your Evernote account. You can search through everything you create with the app’s search function, as well. Skitch is for anyone who wants to stay productive. It’s great for businesses, study groups, family members and friends.

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