Thirteen Lune’s Partnership With Goop Makes The Retailer Even More Inclusive

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Goop beauty products featured on Thirteen Lune.

Thirteen Lune has partnered with Goop, the first Ally Brand featured on the ecommerce site.

Thirteen Lune

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop is the latest brand featured on Thirteen Lune, the ecommerce site founded in 2020 to promote beauty brands created by BIPOC founders.

Goop also represents Thirteen Lune’s first Ally Brand—a select group of brands the retailer is recognizing for their consistent effort to be inclusive in product assortment and promote change beyond beauty.

“Goop is a visionary leader in holistic beauty and wellness through its engaging content and community,” said Nyakio Grieco, Thirteen Lune Co-Founder.

“We both share a love of discovery and girlfriendship that creates conversation about our commonalities and differences. After many years as a patron and the recipient of Goop's support as a beauty entrepreneur, it's wonderful to bring this full circle for the greater good.”

Nyakio Grieco, co-founder of Thirteen Lune.

"Goop is a visionary leader in holistic beauty and wellness through its engaging content and ... [+] community," said Nyakio Grieco, co-founder of Thirteen Lune.

Thirteen Lune

Paltrow lauded Thirteen Lune’s core mission. “So many businesses and initiatives geared toward Black and Brown founders are optically driven and don’t address the fundamental problem of helping these talented entrepreneurs build equitable businesses. Thirteen Lune’s mission is different: It puts the power in the hands of Black and Brown consumers and founders to create generational wealth for business owners,” Paltrow said.

Goop beauty products available on the site range from eye creams to peels, and include a Black Pepper and Rose Hip Energy Body Oil, Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator and Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo.

Thirteen Lune has designated 10% of its site to Ally Brands. These brands work well for all people but are founded by non-BIPOC. 90% of the site will continue to be founded and owned by BIPOC.

The Ally Brands are part of Thirteen Lune’s mission to “celebrate the beauty of inclusivity,” said Grieco, who is also the founder of Nyakio Beauty, an award-winning skincare brand. It’s a “platform in which non-BIPOC-owned brands can find us, speak with us and come together in a way that shows true partnership and community.”

Like Goop, these brands are committed to doing better, she noted.

“These brands will share in the commitment to inclusivity and the elevation of BIPOC founders so we can collectively amplify and create generational wealth,” Grieco said.

The timing seemed right to launch the first Ally Brand.

“Our heightened call for social justice has necessitated building community and elevating BIPOC founder voices,” Grieco said. “Systemic racism has been playing out before our eyes. Last summer after the tragic murder of George Floyd, people were looking to support Black-founded and owned and brands.”

The beauty entrepreneur said while it was heartening to see Black brands finally receiving the attention they deserved, it was simultaneously distressing to see that many of these brands did not have retail distribution.

“As a Black founder, I had been buying these brands for my adult life, but never from one place that fostered Black entrepreneurship,” Grieco said. “I connected with entrepreneur Patrick Herning [founder and cheif executive officer of 11 Honoré], who had been championing inclusion in beauty for years, and we built Thirteen Lune, as it was time to bring this all together. Thirteen Lune is setting a bigger stage for conversation, advocacy and achieving success more quickly.”

The retailer is currently vetting brands that practice inclusivity to promote as future Ally Brands.

“Once they partner, they commit to being a thought leader and resource for BIPOC founders whose products are available on Thirteen Lune,” she noted.

Since launching the ecommerce site in 2020, sales at Thirteen Lune have been strong, Grieco said. This week, the retailer added two new brands to the mix: Ron Robinson’s BeautyStat and Strange Two Bird Beauty. A podcast slated for later this year is also in the pipeline.

“We're loving the engagement our team, founders and experts are having with Thirteen Lune's audience,” she said. “We'll continue to bring in dynamic founders and their innovative, bespoke offerings and showcase to our growing community through our content.”

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